Summer is a great season to bring out all of the colors and have some fun with your clothing and styling needs. you will find a lot of different styles that will feel comfortable and keep you cool all summer long. While you will need to pick out something that really speaks to you, following the right fashion guidelines can make your outfit really stick out.

As you get ready to hit the beach or have some fun this summer, you will get a lot of contradicting advice to help you along. Some of the best fashion guidelines for summer that all women should consider include:

Pick Light Colors

Now that it is summertime, you need to go with some of the lighter colors, keeping the darker ones saved away for winter. Lighter colors are great for keeping you cooler since black and dark colors will absorb more heat. Plus, they also give off more of that summer vibe that you are looking for, whether you plan to hit the beach or stay at home.

Choose Natural Makeup

When the days start to get warm, there is nothing worse than trying to wear a ton of makeup and still look good. This is the time of year when you should go with light and natural makeup. Put away all of the heavy foundation, dark shadows, and black eyeliner because they are just pulling you down in this hot weather.

Instead, now is the time to bring out the neutral colors that will make you look good. For example, when picking out a balm for the lips, go with nude, rose, or pink stains. A tinted moisturizer can make the face feel amazing and a neutral eyeshadow will look good. You can skip the foundation to help keep the heat down to a minimum.

Pick the Flowy Options

Summer is time for all of those light fabrics, the ones that will do well floating in the wind. To give off some of the summer lovin’ vibe that you want, go with anything that will flow, rather than anything that is skin tight. You may look great in it, but it is going to be too hot to wear these during the hot days.

If possible, you want to find clothing that is made out of chiffon, lace, silk, or light cotton. This can apply to everything that you would like to wear including tops, rompers, skirts, dresses, and even shorts. These clothes will help you look great while giving you room to breathe and feel great at the same time.

Pick the Right Hat

Summer is a great time to put on large hats to add to some of the stylings that you need. There are many great hats to choose from, whether you go with something small and stylish or you want the big brim that will protect you from all of the sun and can make you feel more comfortable.

Pay special attention to some of the materials that you choose for the hat. You want something that is more lightweight to ensure that it does not make you hot and sweaty when you are out. There are different hats that will go with your facial features along the way, but choose one that looks good for you.

Since it is the hot summer months, the large brim is often the best. There are some that will also provide protection to the back of the neck as well. There are different brim lengths to choose from, so experiment with a few and see what will work best for you.

Choose a Neutral Brown Handbag

If you plan to just invest in one handbag for the summer, choose one that is neutral and earth-tone this year. Look for a summer handbag that does not have a structure to it, one that you are sure to love for many summers so you don’t have to purchase one the next year again. This will help you hold onto everything you need while traveling around.

Off the Shoulder Tops and Dresses

This is a great summer for you to enjoy when it is time to pick out off the shoulder clothing. This is a fashion staple that you will be able to wear from one year to the next, making it a perfect accessory to keep in your closet all the time. You can even pull them back out in the winter with a nice winter jacket to make it last a little bit longer as well.

Make sure that the dress you pick is flowy and light. You do not want to go with something that is tight during those hot days. Floral patterns can look nice, but even a solid color will work if you need to really dress up for any occasion.

Choose the Right Jewelry

This is not the summer for all of the large statement jewelry or even things that are dark or jewel in tones. This summer, you will want to go with something that is light and great for earth tones. This can look really nice with some of that flowy clothing that you will choose to go with.

Look for options that are green, brown, pink, turquoise, gold, and blue. Even something with a bright pattern on it can look nice as well. This can be shared with all of the different jewelry that you choose to wear, from earrings, necklaces, and bracelets as well.

You may keep it minimal with the jewelry as well. Rather than filling up on as much jewelry as possible, you will want to go with something dainty and simple and put the focus on other things.

Picking Your Great Summer Style

Each woman is unique and can pick a wonderful style that will help them stick out from the crowd and look amazing. By following some of the great summer styles above, you will be able to look amazing, no matter where you plan to spend your days.