Fashion Hits the Road – Electric Cars Trending in the UK


For the fashion savvy driver, electric cars are all the buzz because they are helping the country go green. In the UK there is a lot of attention being given to cutting the nation’s carbon footprint by government and media alike and so more and more drivers are getting tuned in to the benefits of electric cars. In fact, plans are in the works to establish a huge number of charging stations across the UK and perhaps this is why electric automobiles are trending.

Learner Drivers Take Note

Although this won’t be on your driving theory test, one thing new drivers should be aware of is that within the next three decades the UK has set a goal for zero emissions from autos. This means that electric cars are the cars of choice and that’s why the government is also giving a grant of £4,500 for each new electric car bought to be used towards exemption on road tax and the cost of the new vehicle. 3 years should give you plenty of time to take your driving test but since the theory portion comes first, you may want to get in a bit of extra practice. Check this site out to practice the theory portion of your test. The sooner you pass it, the sooner you can take the practical portion. Then it’s on to getting that government grant to make buying a new car more affordable!


Why Are Some UK Drivers Still Wary of Buying an Electric Car?

As noted above, there is still a general lack of infrastructure when it comes to charging ports around the country. This has many drivers a bit over-cautious about buying electric cars and those are the ones who focus on hybrids, the dual fuel alternative. However, the government grant is only an option on electric cars so this is something that should be kept in mind when choosing a new car. Also as noted, it is on the purchase of a new vehicle only. As far as charging stations go, there are now apps for mobile phones that keep you informed of where you can stop to recharge and even give you GPS directions for getting there in the shortest route possible. With more stations going up each and every week, it’s time to forget your fears and think electric.

Which Electric Cars Are Trending?

So, which electric cars are trending in the UK this year? According to an article in The Week, the following cars are hot items in dealerships throughout the nation:

• Tesla Model S
• BMW i3
• Nissan Leaf (top selling electric car ever)
• Volkswagen e-Golf
• Volkswagen e-Up
• Renault Twizy
• Renault Zoe
• Kia Soul EV
• Tesla Model X


As more and more manufacturers get on board with electric technology, you are likely to see literally every manufacturer vying for the most efficient electric car on the market.
Truly electric cars are trending with a sales increase of 65% year-on-year from 2015 stats, so this year you may really want to consider doing away with petrol and joining the green machine. With a government grant and no more petrol to buy, this might be one of the biggest ways to save money, even when buying a new car. It’s certainly worth looking into, isn’t it?