Cop.copine, the 30 years old cult fav French label is an impossibly chic boutique that mixes fashion, func- tion and architecture with your style, the brand has something special to offer every season, including clothing and accessories and these mind you, are great quality at an accessible price.


Cop.copine US, a family-owned business, prides its philosophy of not just juicing the fashionista in you, but also does it with a purpose. Dr. Lillie Mosaddegh the owner of the stores, as well as the holder of exclusive U.S. rights to cop.copine boutiques knew how much this brand is globally loved and at the same time wanted to be socially responsible. Cop.copine US is in the works to tie the brand with charitable causes. So, every piece of cop.copine will have a story to tell.




Lillie is so in love with the brand, her first cop.copine purchase in France was about 50+ pieces and you can clearly see why it holds a special place in her heart. She always loved the brand and made yearly vacations to Europe in part to gussy up her wardrobe. After much soul-searching, she finally snatched up the U.S rights for the boutique. Since then, there’s been no looking back.



Instead of mass production, each piece is made in limited quantity each season. Easy-to-personalize pieces with subtle details and varied textures materialize in chic separates, knits, dresses, and coats. Fashion is not just something we wear, it is part of who we are. It shows more than just an outer shell of the inner person and we bring it out with our collection.




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