A gaming mouse can make a huge difference in your gameplay, but many different features make one mouse better than another. While some things are personal preferences, here are a few features that make the Razer mouse one of the best on the market.

Customizable Weight

One of these features is that it allows you to change the weight of each side, changing how your hand moves with it. This is helpful for gamers who want to optimize their mouse depending on their dominant hand or play style. You can go from a light and fast mouse to a heavy and slow one in seconds.

Ambidextrous Design

Another feature that makes the Razer gaming mouse so amazing is its ambidextrous design. This means it’s designed to be used by either hand, and this is a huge deal for left-handed gamers. The Razer Ouroboros has a mode that allows you to toggle between the two sides.

Tilt-Wheel Scroll

This feature makes the Razer gaming mouse stand out from the crowd. It allows you to tilt the wheel to change your scroll without having to click down, and this can be especially useful if you are playing a game and using both hands.

Razer Synapse

When you purchase a new mouse, it can be frustrating to set up the buttons on the mouse. It’s frustrating because you must go through many steps to figure out how it works! Razer Synapse is an awesome feature that solves this by putting all the settings and key bindings on your mouse. All you have to do is jump into the gaming app and set it up.

Laser Sensor

The laser sensor is great because it has a maximum tracking speed of 30ips which is much faster than other gaming mice. This feature allows you to react to the slightest movement with your mouse, which helps you track your opponent more effectively.

Cool Mode Setting

One cool feature that Razer has to offer is its cool mode setting. This feature enables the gamer to set different settings on the mouse depending on their playing and how competitive they feel. The modes are:


This mode is the most sensitive and reacts to even the slightest movement of your hand, and this setting allows you to use your mouse to its full potential.


This mode is when you don’t need as much mouse sensitivity but want it for those close-up sniper shots and turning corners. You can use this setting for games that require more precision than just pure speed and accuracy.


This is where you get into more fine-tuned movements where you need just a little bit of mouse sensitivity to be able to turn corners and aim quickly. Each person has their preference, but we recommend playing around with the modes and seeing which one fits your gameplay style.


With so many different features that make this mouse so amazing, it makes no difference what mouse you buy. If you’re new to Razer, then be sure to try some of these out before purchasing one. You will have to read the article and decide for yourself which one will give you the best gaming experience.