So you made your first contact and invited them to a date, the first one, and they said yes. Now you have butterflies in your stomach as the day for the first date approaches. You don’t know what to expect, how to act and what to wear.

You don’t want to do something that would be a deal breaker for them but you also want to enjoy the date and their company and hopefully, earn a second date and the next one. Well, worry no more. Here are first date etiquette rules for men.

Make eye contact

Eye contact is important since it shows you have nothing to hide plus it makes you connect to your date. Making eye contact with your date is a sign of confidence, honesty and communicates the interest you have in them.

However, do not confuse staring with eye contact. The former is creepy and your date might just take off before you even settle down into the date. Hold eye contact for a few seconds before naturally shifting your gaze elsewhere. Do not look abruptly look away either as if you are a thief caught in the act of committing a crime.

Dress to impress

The reason you are having a date in the first place is to impress them. The way you dress should show that. Don’t show up on a date dressed like you are having a lazy weekend at home, dress to impress.

This doesn’t mean that you now go splurge on expensive designer wear. With Trend-Gem.Com, you look stylish and presentable without breaking the bank.

Don’t overdo it either with a lot of makeup and cologne. Everything should be done in moderation.

It’s a conversation!

Your date also needs to speak, otherwise you should have sent them a recorded message. Don’t hog the conversation. Resist the temptation to tell them how good your life, how well your life is going, your hobbies and your family pet for the entire duration of the date. It’s a turnoff which ruins your chance of a second date.

No one wants to date a self-absorbed person. Have a conversation with your date. Give them audience to also talk about themselves. You need to learn more about them as much as they also need to learn about you.

Keep your phone away

Keep your phone in your pocket. You shouldn’t place your phone on the table even if you don’t check. It’s a sign of bad table manners. This is basic first date etiquette.

Constantly checking your phone and picking calls while on a date is plainly rude and shows your date that you have far more important things to handle so they might as well leave you to it.

Be a gentleman

They tried to kill chivalry but like a cat, it has nine lives. Be polite and courteous to your date and to the wait staff.

In today’s world where gentlemen are rare gems, being one helps your cause and may earn you a second date already before you are even done with the first one. So open doors to your date, pull out chairs and genuinely compliment them.