Hollywood’s local Frog Frozen Yogurt Bar is celebrating its second year of service with some game-changing expansions.

Having opened in early 2012 at Selma and Cahuenga (1550 N Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA) , Frog has rapidly become a neighborhood and city favorite for yogurt connoisseurs and dabblers alike. Already offering a clean, hip environment with ten unique rotating flavors and dozens of delicious toppings, Frog now has additional changes to better serve its customers:

• Online Ordering with Free Delivery will begin on Saturday, August 17th; customers can place orders through FROGDELIVERS.COM

• A new variety of flavor recipes under the ‘Frog Handcrafted’ label will gradually become available, with organic ingredients, and both vegan and non-dairy selections.

• Behind-the-counter features new artwork by local street artist Restitution Press (therestitutionpress.com)
The launch of FROGDELIVERS.COM will enable free delivery for online ordering within a 3 mile radius of Frog, between the hours of Noon and Midnight. All orders will require a $10 minimum, with $6 and $7 cup selections available. Frozen soft-serve lovers can pick up to 3 flavors and 3 toppings for each creation they build.


“The special delivery vehicles have had below-zero freezers installed to keep your yogurt frozen, from Frog to your door,” assures Damien Breen, Owner of Frog and Native of Los Angeles.

In approaching months, more frozen soft-serve selections will be donning the ‘Frog Handcrafted’ label.

“Following the feedback of the fan-favorite Vegan Coconut Sorbet,” Breen states, “Frog will continue to expand on our healthier options.” These selections will contain all organic ingredients, and the non-dairy flavors will be almond and coconut based and there’s even goat milk on the way.


Frog’s newest flavors in the works include: Birthday Cupcake, Avocado, Strawberry Goat Milk, Salted Caramel, Chili Mango, and even Red Wine?!

A new behind-and-above-the-counter art installation by Los Angeles street artist Restitution Press (aka Ryan Graeff) features a colorful collage of Los Angeles area landmarks and vintage Hollywood advertising, reminiscent of an earlier era. Graeff is known by and for the city of Los Angeles in his art. While his work has been showcased in posters and paintings and books and galleries, Graeff’s body of work makes clear that communal and public art are among his passions. Since its open, Frog has emphasized its desire to benefit the community, and to showcase the work of local artists.

This new piece by Restitution Press joins opposite a mural celebrity faces created by PlasticGod, another local artist.
“These recent changes and renovations at Frog are part of a larger effort to provide a unique, more satisfying experience to the customer,” says Breen. Already this season, Frog has begun to offer Free Valet Parking and introduced ‘The Frog Card,’ a loyalty-based program which offers an instant 20% discount and other rewards.

What’s next at Frog?  Sneak Peek: the Frog Instagram Photo booth coming in September!

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