It’s fun to stay up-to-date on the latest wedding trends and see what other brides and designers are up to. However, falling in love with these trends might mean that your wedding looks like a cookie-cutter event.

Your big day should be as unique as you. Here are five out-of-the-box wedding themes to use as inspiration for your big day.

Geodes and Geometry

Geodes and geometry blend two exquisite interior design trends for a unique, elegant wedding theme that you won’t see on everyone else’s Instagram the year you get married. Opt for deep hues of purple, amethyst, and blues for the decor with gold accents. Hang geometric shapes with candles and flowers and get a stunning geode cake.

To bring the look together, use Amethyst Geodes for centerpieces with votive candles. The light from the candles will reflect in the facets of the geodes for a magical sparkle all night long.

Classy Sports

Your wedding doesn’t have to look like Superbowl Sunday to showcase your love of sports. You can opt for a classy take on the sports theme that looks timeless and elegant while conveying your love of the game.

Have brushed gold trophies as a part of your centerpieces with flowers cascading over. Have your guests sign a wooden bat instead of a guestbook that you can mount on the wall above your big-screen tv.

Give your bridesmaids elegantly designed pompoms in lieu of flowers. Not only is this a unique decor element as they walk up the aisle, but it will also make for a great photo opportunity as you exit the venue. Top it off with a few peanut and candy vendors at cocktail hour for a unique alternative to canapes.

Classic and Favorite Movies

Movie lovers can celebrate their passion for film with a movie-themed wedding. Look for historical theaters or drive-ins for an uncommon venue. Instead of florals and slideshows, have projectors showing classics on the wall for decor in black and white. Assign table names instead of numbers, with movie posters featuring your guests’ names and give away popcorn as a favor.

One of the best things to incorporate in a movie-themed wedding is a red carpet with photography. Give your guests a chance to showcase their inner superstar by walking the carpet instead of the over-done photobooth.

Back-to-School Theme

The back-to-school theme is perfect for childhood sweethearts and opens up a lot of opportunities for fun and creativity. Use chalkboards for signs and directions for your guests. Rent a school bus to ensure everyone gets to and from the venue safely. Include school-related snacks like apples and peanut butter and jelly for elegant twists on old classics.

Rather than a traditional guestbook, have each of your guests practice their primary colors by painting a small picture. Serve party favors in chemistry tubes or paper lunch bags and use books and globes for your centerpieces.

Love for all “Time”

Show that your love will stand the test of time with a time-themed wedding. Hang lightweight, decorative clocks with florals for your decor. These pair really well with the hoop florals wedding trend. Use vintage style stamps to create aged-looking invitations that will fill guests with nostalgia and curiosity.

For centerpieces, use hourglasses and candles. For boutonnieres and bouquet accents, add sundials with cogs and gears. Instead of clinking glasses, have a timer that guests can set for when it’s time to kiss. Have your photos done at a local clock tower and create a photo wall of various clocks you’ve collected from thrift stores.

By opting for one of these unique wedding themes or creating something that’s entirely your own, you’ll have a trendsetting wedding that other couples will want to copy.