Proper foot care does not start before the season of flip-flops and sandals and when our heels are most exposed but last throughout the year.

It should be considered an integral part of any pedicure treatment and involves much more than just proper hygiene. It is just as important as hand care and hygiene and you should not neglect it during the winter (under the pretext that no one will see your feet then). Foot care must be continuous and detailed. You should not neglect a step, because it can be reflected through various problems and diseases of the feet. Nail deformities, fungus on the feet, blisters, bruises, and other unpleasant problems can occur. To avoid more serious problems, let’s see what foot care includes and how to fix the appearance of your feet.

1. Visit A Foot Clinic

Do not ignore the pain in your feet. If the symptoms get worse over time, visit a foot specialist who will assess the condition and recommend treatment.

2. Get A Pedicure

Foot pedicure should always begin with the removal of dead skin cells. They are usually built up on the heels or the front part of the feet. To remove them, use the appropriate tools such as a skin file, which you can purchase from any drug store. It is best to file the skin dry, before softening it in water. Be careful not to overdo the thickened skin, so as not to injure yourself. The thickened skin should be removed gradually. After that, move on to peeling. Rub your feet gently with massage movements and don’t forget to peel the skin between your toes. However, it is recommended that this be done in places like AiNails and Spa in Winnipeg where not only will they take proper and professional care of the appearance of your feet, but also do it in a relaxing and stress-free environment.

3. Wear Proper Footwear

Shoes are like suits for your feet. They should be comfortable, soft, and made of natural materials. Avoid wearing shoes made of synthetics, rubber, and plastic. Such materials contain artificial substances with chemicals. They cause sweating and unpleasant foot odors at high outside temperatures, especially if you wear such shoes all day. They do not adapt to the shape of your feet and that is why you can get blisters or fungal infections.

Choose shoes made of quality leather that absorb moisture and have a longer lifespan. Leather shoes are a good friend to your skin because they adapt to it, and allow it to breathe. You have less pressure and more comfort when you walk in leather shoes.

4. Use Foot Spray

If you have a problem with foot odor, and excessive sweating, foot spray may be the right solution for you. You need to find a natural foot spray, which contains active substances, which will prevent the development of bacteria and remove the unpleasant odors of your feet. The special advantage of the foot spray is reflected in the fact that it is very practical to use and easily approaches all those inaccessible places, especially the area between the toes. And these areas are ideal for creating a humid environment, thus ideal for the formation of fungus on the feet. The spray should simply be shaken before use and sprayed on all those critical places. The unpleasant odor will disappear, and your feet will become clean and gentle to the touch over time.

5. Keep Them Clean

Wash your feet once a day every day. It is best to wash and clean them thoroughly in the evening after you are done with your chores. This prevents the spread of harmful bacteria, restores moisture, and removes dirt. Washing the feet is the basis for peeling, and applying cream or spray to give the best possible effects.

You will feel a lot better if you have clean feet and that way they are also less susceptible to infections. After washing your feet with soap, rinse well and wipe thoroughly with a soft towel.