There’s nothing worse than watching someone opening your gift and pretending to like it. To avoid cringe-worthy moments like that, familiarize yourself with the following four types of gifts that people would rather not receive. And find out what you should give instead.

1. Unsuitable Gifts

If someone is not into fitness, do not buy him or her a fitness tracker. If somebody does not enjoy gardening, do not buy the person a gardening toolset. Those examples might sound obvious, but too many people buy gifts that are unsuitable for the recipients. Not only are you giving something that will never be used, and most likely given away, you are also showing you have put no thought into your gift at all. You could even come across rude if you, say, buy scales for a friend who is overweight.

If you don’t know what to buy someone, opt for a gift that everyone will enjoy receiving, such as a gift hamper. You will find a broad range of pre-selected and customizable hampers online. Hampers With Bite comes especially recommended. The company provides hampers for all occasions, which contain an assortment of goodies like edibles, beverages, and incense sticks.

2. Funny Gifts

Nobody likes receiving funny gifts. Seriously. No one. And yet, people still give apparently-hilarious gifts all the time. You know the sorts of things: a nightlight shaped like a pizza, a stick-on beard for dogs, or a Make Your Own Llama kit. And yes, all of those actually exist.

Don’t buy someone a gift just because you think it’s funny. Nine times out of ten, it won’t be funny, and even if it is, it will soon be thrown out. Choose a loving gift instead, like a massive bunch of flowers or a bespoke pendant.

3. Gift Cards

If you want your gift to scream “unthoughtful,” buy a gift card. On the other hand, if you’re going to show your loved one that you care, avoid gift cards at all costs. Firstly, the person you give the gift card to may not shop in the store the card is for, or like the store’s products. So, the gift card is likely to be forgotten about and gather dust in the back of a drawer. But secondly, why give a gift card that can only be spent at one place and within a designated timeframe when you could give money instead? That’s not to say that money is the best gift to offer either, as it’s still an unthoughtful present unless you are giving it to someone to buy a particular item.

Forget gift cards and money. Instead, opt to spend your money on taking out your friend, colleague, partner, or family member for a lovely meal at a high-class restaurant.

4. Expensive Gifts

Surely, expensive gifts ooze class and quality and will be loved by your gift recipient, right? Not always, no. While there is nothing at all wrong with buying something like a high-end piece of jewelry, too many people make the mistake of purchasing an expensive gift simply because it has a very high price tag.

If the item in question is ugly or useless but pricey, it will not be welcomed by the recipient. He or she is more likely to view you as trying to buy his or her love, without having given any thought to the gift. Instead of buying any old thing that is costly, opt for an expensive gift that shows you care, such as a ring with a gemstone that is your loved one’s birthstone.