Summer is finally here, and you are probably getting ready to head to the beach to make up for the long lockdown months. However, since this year has so far been “different”, to say the least, you might want to make your summer different as well. If you’ve always been more of a sedentary beachgoer, then get ready to shift gears this year. Here is a list of some fun beach activities that you need to try.


Kitesurfing has become a mainstream beach activity in the last few years. The fact that it’s incredibly physically demanding is not stopping extreme sports fans from giving it a try. If you are not familiar with kitesurfing, it can be best described as a combo of board riding and kite flying, which perhaps makes it a little bit tricky in the beginning. For starters, you need to be comfortable being out in the open water without panicking. You will need a professional instructor to teach you how to get up on the board and ride safely and comfortably so you can have an enjoyable time.

Since you will be kitesurfing for fun, you won’t need to buy any gear; your instructor will be loaning you the right kit to use. Once you get out on the water and manage to kitesurf on your own, you will immediately see that the effort you put in was worth it.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Unlike regular paddleboarding where you get to lay down or sit, stand-up paddleboarding is more challenging but equally as fun, if not more. Learning how to balance on your board can take you some time to master, but once you do, it is more or less smooth-sailing from there.

If you are heading to Santa Barbra or Ventura for your paddling adventure this summer, consider taking some introductory classes to learn more about this sport. Surfing enthusiasts at recommend going for morning paddles when the water and wind conditions are calm. Like kitesurfing, you don’t have to buy any special gear; you can easily rent the board and paddles from beachside surfing booths. Stand-up paddleboarding can be a little frustrating in the beginning, so keep an open mind and remember your intention to get out of your comfort zone.


If you are not ready to go all out with kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking is the second-best thing. It is fairly easy and will allow you to get lost in your thoughts and enjoy the surrounding nature. Kayaking lovers believe that it provides the perfect balance between physical activity and meditative exercise. You might need a couple of lessons before you go out on the water to make sure you have the right posture and paddling rhythm.


For the days you want to stay on land, hiking is a fun way to spend your time on the beach. Many beaches now have special hiking trails that you can use to get some physical exercise while getting lost in the beauty of the surrounding views. If your kids are too young to swim, you will be able to have some family fun at the beach by going on a hike. However, you have to make sure you pack special hiking shoes and clothes, so you don’t end up with swollen feet or heatstroke.

Play Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts work best for large groups where everyone gets to play, regardless of their age. The sand makes for endless hiding places that it can take you an entire day to finish only one game.

Light a Bonfire

No beach experience is complete without a seaside party. At nighttime, you and your friends can light a bonfire and have your own impromptu beach party. Don’t forget to pack your speakers to blast your favorite music and dance the night away. As a kid, summer has always been synonymous with staying up late and breaking free from your usual routine, so there is no reason you shouldn’t do the same now as an adult.

While you can still enjoy the regular swimming and lounging on the beach, you should also consider amping up the fun this summer. Share this list with your friends to give them an idea about how you are planning on spending your time on the beach. Who knows, maybe you will encourage everyone else to try something different and join in the fun. At the end of the day, there is no better way to challenge yourself and conquer your fears than to do so by trying out a new activity with your closest friends.