How to Stay ‘Beach Ready and Healthy’ Year Round with Tia Blanco (insider tips to get a body like a pro surfer)!

·  Eat clean, it doesn’t have to be hard! I like getting healthy recipes from onegreenplanet.org

·  Take a run or jog (especially on the beach, if you have access)

·  Try surfing, you don’t have to be a pro to have fun and get a great workout – I go everyday

·  Do yoga at the studio, home, or the beach

·  Stand up paddling works great for toning your muscles

·  Taking a walk with your dog, friends, spouse or parents is always a great way to get exercise (and bond)!

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More About Tia Blanco

Blanco, a Trestles local, has become one of the hottest up and coming West Coast surfers. Being a daughter of a Coast Guard, Blanco was born in Puerto Rico and has lived in Hawaii as well as several spots in Southern California. This graceful goofyfoot is a member of the prestigious Surfing America team. She also an Ambassador for Reef’s boots, shoes, and fashion-forward sandals that combine exotic styling with instant comfort. Additionally, Blanco is committed to Surfing America Prime and NSSA events, she is extremely well rounded, enjoying painting and yoga while living a vegan lifestyle. While she is focused on a National title and maintaining her 4.0 GPA at Connections Academy, her long term goal is to make the ASP Women’s World Tour.