Freezing fat cells is a safe, effective and non-surgical method of eliminating stubborn areas of fat that have built up on your body. The cooling technology used is highly specialized and is designed to destroy only the fat cells which are then filtered out by the body’s natural processes of waste removal. As the freezing procedure is low risk, it is suitable for all ages, and you’ll be ready to get on with your day as soon as the treatment is over.

The fat freezer cryolipolysis system offered by Freeze2Trim works to remove fat cells for good and you’ll see the results faster than you would through dieting alone. Even two or three months later, you could still be seeing changes in your body, as dormant fat cells can take up to three months to be flushed away completely. To aid your system as this process is taking place, and to ensure you maximize the impact of every treatment, there are a couple of good habits you should make part of your everyday routine.

Drink water to eliminate waste faster

After your treatment, fat cells begin to break down and need to be metabolized by the lymphatic system. The most important organs in this process are the kidneys, and to work well, they rely on a generous supply of water. Kidneys filter waste from the blood and toxins that can be broken down in the water from the liver. These unwanted substances, including inactive fat cells, are then eliminated through the bladder. To keep this function running smoothly and efficiently, a high daily fluid intake which includes plenty of fresh water is ideal.

Boost lymphatic drainage with a massage

As well as providing a range of general health benefits, a gentle massage can have beneficial effects for the lymph system. It is important after fat freezing because it is the lymph system which collects toxins and waste from around the body, then flushes them away through the lymph nodes. This clear fluid with a slightly yellow tint also transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells where they are needed. When blood moves around the body, it is driven by the pumping of the heart, but the lymphatic fluid is reliant on muscle movement instead. Massage supports this process by stimulating the muscles and pushing lymphatic fluid around the body so treated fat cells are cleared faster.

Start or continue a daily exercise routine

Even if certain areas of body fat have not previously responded to exercise, staying active after treatment can improve your outcomes. The body continues to change up to eight weeks after your initial procedure, and physical activity enhances these changes in many ways. Primarily, it can make it easier to keep your weight at an optimal level and helps you avoid putting on any extra pounds. The fat cells may have been destroyed from the parts of your body that were treated, but it’s possible to gain more if you don’t take exercise. Resistance training such as swimming and lifting weights can improve muscle tone and help to create a smoother, more contoured look to complement your weight loss. Some people find that joining a gym or attending a class keeps them on track.

Follow a healthy diet

After your fat cells have been broken down by a freezing treatment, following a high-protein diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit, lean meat and vegetables can help you feel full. It gives you a head start when it comes to beating junk food cravings or the temptation to binge on sugary treats. Reducing your intake of alcohol and caffeine at the same time will give your body the best chance of clearing away fat cells quickly, as there are fewer toxins with which it has to deal. It’s not easy to maintain a stricter diet but feeling good about how you look and seeing real changes in your body shape can be great motivators. Some people find that joining a healthy eating group, either online or in real life, can provide a valuable source of support.

Stay focused on your goals

Fat freezing is an excellent way to shed flab that you can’t seem to shift in other ways but to keep it off for good you’ll need to remain on track when it comes to diet and exercise. Drinking plenty of water, combined with healthy lifestyle changes and regular massages, will give you the best possible chance of transforming your appearance in the long term.