As we continue to go through so much uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to think of ourselves and loved ones during this difficult time. Staying in touch with people you love has never been more important, but not being able to physically see anyone is tough. The joys of spending time with friends and family are often difficult to find anywhere else, and while technology makes it easier to stay in touch, birthdays and holidays just aren’t the same.

Today, it is a legal requirement that people practice social distancing while out and about or even self-isolation while recovering from corona virus. While these precautions are extremely important, they can create unexpected feelings of exclusion and loneliness during the holiday season. Many of us are unable to travel to see loved ones and this can be essential for our mental wellbeing. Covid may have cancelled some big plans like birthdays, weddings and parties, but this does not mean the celebrations have to end completely! Giving is more than ever a way to stay connected to our family and friends and show our support. Hopefully these ideas can change the tide of sadness and help minimize the rift between us despite the current crisis. The best part is that you don’t have to leave the house looking for a gift, as everything you need is available online.

Gifts to Send While Social Distancing:

Make local purchases

With an economy that needs to recover, it is time to support our local communities and their businesses. By buying locally, you are helping to keep these businesses alive while making sure you can give your gifts without breaking social distancing rules. If it is allowed in your region, take a trip out to your local shopping centre and spend your money close to home. Don’t forget to wear your mask in public spaces!

Choose home delivery

Shopping online ensures that your gifts arrive quickly and safely with minimal contact with people outside your household. Worldwide, companies have already started shipping products and services despite the pandemic along with excellent Covid safety while making deliveries across the country, so you can have peace of mind while making your purchases.

Our Favourite Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a gift to send someone during the pandemic, but you are unable to give it to them personally, why not send a video message? Technology makes it easy to contact our loved ones through the phone or social media, so a video message is a simple way to decrease the loneliness our loved ones may be feeling.

If the recipient is spending a lot of time at home, there are various gifts you can give to make this time a little less tedious. Why not buy them a month’s subscription to Netflix or Spotify? This is a thoughtful way to help them pass time while staying at home. Another idea for the foodies would be a Just Eat gift card, what better way to show your support than to let your loved one order food to their door and have a night away from the kitchen. This will help them relieve their mind during these uncertain and stressful times.

Anyone who has spent time at home during the various lockdowns and restrictions knows how important it is to stay busy. A great gift for someone who may struggle with this would be a plant or some flowers. Spending time looking after the plants or spending time outside will not only pass the time but help them focus on something and overall improve their mental wellbeing.

For the best presents, plan your gifts to give the recipient a better at-home experience. Look for anything that will help them to feel better while staying indoors, as these will be the most effective gifts. Many of us have spent a lot of our time online shopping, as it helps pass the time and gives us an instant feeling of happiness which we struggle to find elsewhere during lockdowns. There are hundreds of gift cards available online, so you’re guaranteed to find one suited to the recipient in mind, from clothing and jewelry to technology and gardening. Have a look to see what you can find!