Reebok and brand ambassador Gigi Hadid hosted the #PerfectNever Revolution, an empowering event that challenged hundreds of women from all walks of life to come together and confront the unattainable notions and standards of perfection. A series of activities including a workout class, a panel discussion with prolific female trailblazers and an immersive, artistic installation brought to life Reebok’s underpinning brand spirit, “Be More Human,” and showcased the global fitness leader’s unwavering commitment to identifying and meeting the demands of women worldwide.


Gigi united with a group of inspiring women who are redefining perceptions in their respective industries and challenging norms.  Here, the women formed a dynamic panel where they spoke to their own experiences of the pressures of perfection and gave insight into how they combat these impossible standards.  Panelists included:

• Aly Raisman – Reebok athlete and medal-winning gymnast
• Lena Dunham – Actor, writer, director, creator and star of HBO’s “GIRLS” and co-founder LennyLetter.com
• Jessica Mendoza – ESPN broadcaster; former medal winning softball player
• Ruby Rose – Actress
• Zoe Kravitz – Actress and musician


Lena Dunham said, “The reason that I started doing my job was to connect with other women, with other people, and to let them know that their flaws, their complexities and their darkness were an important part of who they are. So any time I can engage with something that busts open narratives, traditional narratives, about who women are supposed to be, I’m there.”

Ruby Rose said, “The #PerfectNever campaign resonated with me because I think that it embodies female empowerment and its about being authentic to yourself, being true to yourself and being the best that you can be. We are all so unique and if you can’t be true to that and be authentic to who you were born to be, then you are not living the life you deserve.”

Zoe Kravitz said, “The #PerfectNever campaign is important to be because I think its something we don’t see enough in the world. I think its important for women to embrace the fact that were not perfect and celebrate that.”

Commenting on the panel discussion, Jessica Mendoza said, “Just listening to the other women, powerful women, talk about their own strengths and weaknesses and how they’ve gotten to where they’re at was one of the most powerful panels I’ve been on.”


Continuing the #PerfectNever story which debuted worldwide in early 2016, Gigi also participated with guests in an immersive workout experience alongside longtime trainer and Gotham Gym owner, Rob Piela. Showcasing her love for boxing, Hadid sparred with guests during the combat master class, which took the women through moves that strengthen and empower.

The event culminated in powerful and uplifting style as Reebok and Gigi invited guests to take part in an interactive installation.