We all have those times in our lives when we’re faced with what to get someone for a special occasion, whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, anniversary gift or some other occasion. Either way, it’s very stressful for a lot of people, no matter if it’s for a new friend, an old favorite or life partner.

Gift giving is an art. There are tips you should know that’ll make it easier on you, especially if you’re someone who gets anxious about giving gifts. Learn how to give the perfect gift and move forward with your next exchange in confidence.

Determine A Budget

This is a major first step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Start by setting a budget for the person you have in mind. Also, consider the occasion or event. It’ll be different for everyone, so personalize your budget given your situation. For example, if it is a big event like your child’s sweet sixteen, you could consider purchasing a car and look at cars for sale. All that matters is that you put restrictions in place, so you don’t go over your set amount you want to spend.

Consider the Person

While you’re setting your budget, consider who you’re buying a gift for and why. Think about the occasion and the person at the same time. Brainstorm what they like to do for fun, their hobbies and what they might be missing that they would like to have. Focusing on the person instead of the gift will help you narrow down to the right ideas. Do some investigating and make sure you’ve come to the right conclusions.

Shop Around

Spend some time shopping around and seeking out the perfect gift. It won’t come easy. You’ll need to spend time researching ideas and time at the store looking at your options.

Go out and see what you researched online to make sure it’s what you expected. Shop online and in the store to guarantee you’re getting all angles and seeing all gift possibilities. Head into new stores and bring fresh ideas into the picture. You won’t be happy with yourself if you only check out one or two stores; unless you know exactly what the person wants and where to get it, shop around and narrow down ideas.

Be Picky

Being picky is key to giving the perfect gift. Finding the right gift for the right person means investing time and money into a process. Be patient and spend dedicated time searching for the gift. If you buy something and feels like it’s the wrong choice a few days later, return it and get your money back. Also, don’t wait until the last minute to pick up a gift. You may risk being forced into buying something impersonal or end up not finding anything at all.


Shopping for others is never an easy task. Gift giving is a difficult process that requires dedicated time and resources. Follow these tips for how to give the perfect gift and know you did everything in your power to make it flawless.