Every bride—and even the bridesmaids—wants to look their best on the wedding day. It’s a very special ceremony alright and you expect nothing for yourself but glam. Months before the wedding is the best time to start prepping up your looks, making it easy for the makeup artist to polish you up and the photographer to take the most amazing shots on the very day. It’s also the best time you can spend some precious moments alone while an esthetician works for your rejuvenation.

Before you walk down the aisle and wear your bridal gown, and the bridesmaids with their bridesmaid robes, be sure to wear confidence too. Some beauty treatments will vouch for you on that. No matter how elegant you look, without the confidence to go with it, you may still not be able to achieve your “head turner of the day” goal. Or at least one of the many eye-catching gals and guys there are.

Boost your confidence for the most awaited day by spending some bucks on facial treatments. Working on whatever makes you insecure about your looks is better than brooding on it, as there is yet so much you can do. But you might have asked—why go to a beauty parlor when you can just spend a dime for home treatments?

Professional Facials Vs Home Treatments

Before we delve onto the list of facial treatments you might want to try, here are some reasons salon treatments are better than your home DIYs:

Professional Facials Have What You Don’t Get at Home

At home, you can cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and mask your face, and usually, that’s all there is to it. But with facial professionals, you get a lot more, from skin consultation, analysis, and massage, to deep cleansing before they proceed to the very process.

Estheticians have the products, equipment, and stronger skin products that you don’t get in the stores. They have access to these products as they have the training to apply them safely and efficiently. The extractions you do at home are very different from what facial professionals do as they take better care of performing them so that your skin will not be damaged.

Results Do Last

Professional facials, depending on the treatment you opt for, can last short- or long-term. Either way, they give you healthier skin. Before the wedding, as a bride or a bridesmaid, you want that lingering healthy glow.

Take, for instance, proper exfoliation. This facial step is the most crucial as it makes a huge difference in how your skin will look for several weeks. Estheticians know what kind of exfoliation applies to your skin type to effectively smoothen your facial lines, smoothen the skin, and break the discoloration to make your skin-toned skin.

And while you can buy hydration products and apply them at home, estheticians have better tools to make hydration more intensive. Dry and flaky skin isn’t just the ones needing hydration; oily and acne-prone skins need water to survive too.

Professional Advice

With all the right products and conscientious procedures that estheticians do, the best part is getting professional advice. Facial experts analyze your skin the moment you ask for a treatment. They can give you the best advice on the products and further care tips so you can get the best results from the procedure.

Beauty Treatments to Try

The goal is to look your best in your satin robes, especially for the pictorials. When you have set your mind on getting an esthetician work for your looks, here are some beauty treatments worth trying, depending on the issue you have on your skin:

Hydrating Facial

If your skin’s issue is dryness, dullness, or flakiness, then hydrating facial is your go-to treatment. An esthetician will give you a deep facial cleaning before applying intensively moisturizing serums and masks. The ultimate result for this is a healthy, youthful-looking complexion, which will really be a great base for when you finally get that wedding makeover.

Diamond Peel or Microdermabrasion

Budget-wise, this is your go-to treatment for when you want to refine or brighten your complexion but at a tighter budget. Diamond peels have been widely used for decades, and until now, it continues to work wonders among clients as it improves their skin texture, tackling their acne breakouts, enlarged pores, and up to uneven complexions.

Diamond peels take on a non-invasive procedure using a handheld pen, in which the interchangeable tip made of crystals is rubbed back and forth on the skin, and all the while a machine is suctioning off dead skin cells. After the procedure, you will have a brighter complexion that literally glows—smoother, less oily, and less pigmented.

Chemical Peels

Another peel treatment you can try is a chemical peel, which is one of the most relaxing procedures. You will be slathered with different masks made of serums that have alpha- and beta-hydroxy acid ingredients. No actual peeling is done—dead skin cells go away by themselves—helping you achieve a literally glowing appearance.

The main aim of chemical peels is to lighten your acne marks and give you dewy skin, but since the ingredients are made of chemicals, it’s best to consult your doctor before you avail of this treatment, as the acids can give your irritations and redness especially if your skin is sensitive. These side effects are certainly not what you want for the ceremony.

Skin Tightening Via Laser

Everyone wants a perfectly contoured jawline and if this is what you want too, laser skin tightening is highly recommended. This laser treatment is one of the most popular non-surgical facelifts nowadays and uses ultrasound, heat, and radiofrequency to achieve lighter and firmer skin, with dramatic effects on your jawline. Plus, the results definitely look natural.

Salt Facial

Brides get more stressed out before their wedding day, and if it is because of your anxieties and jitter that you get huge acne breakouts, then go for a salt facial. This is a non-invasive procedure that effectively makes your skin texture more refined.

It takes on five steps, the main procedure being micro-exfoliation which uses a high-frequency current and all-natural sea salt to remove your sloughed-off skin cells, effectively getting rid of the bacteria that caused the zits in the first place. A salt facial is the quickest way to remove your acne breakouts.

Laser Hair Removal

Besides getting a tighter, more youthful complexion, or a smoother, healthier glow, another thing to think about is your unwanted hair. Satin robes for women may cover your armpits but when you change to other chic clothing, you may have your underarm hair exposed. With your tight schedule, you might not have the time to take your regular waxing session. For quick smoothening of the underarm and removal of armpit hairs, laser hair removal is your go-to treatment.

Try any of these and see for yourself how you can make yourself even more beautiful for the main event. It doesn’t hurt to spend some bucks, especially if it’s about a wedding, which is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make it more magical, with you the bride as the most beautiful enchantress—in the photo ops and the entire behind-the-scenes overall.