Guys check out this great music video Goodbye where they take you to the 2015 Prom!!! by Bobby Newberry & Melody Thornton, original song by artist Who Is Fancy.

Directed by Noel Maitland. Produced by Cardell Mcmanus. Special thanks to Beso Restaurant in Hollywood, CA.

Choreographer: Travis Wall | Styling: Johnny Wujek | Prom Queen: Ashley Roberts |Prom Heartthrob: Joe Slaughter | Trouble Makers: Eden xo | Dancers: Makenzie Dustan, Casey Askeww, Eric Schloesser, Chantel Aguirre, Channing Cooke, Daniel Gaymon |Hair & Make Up: Paloma and Therese.

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About Bobby

Bobby Newberry, choreographer and singer, once again comes together with Melody Thornton (Former Pussycat Doll) for all new music. Set in a high school prom, Bobby and Melody portray a relationship where their time is up and they struggle with their own differences knowing they still love each other but at the same time must say goodbye to one another. With a cameo by Ashley Roberts (former Pussycat Doll), Bobby hopes that the “Goodbye” music video helps anyone that is struggling to come out. As you watch the music you see Bobby exchanges glances with a guy back and forth but still continue to dance with his female partner, portraying the subtle but everyday struggles of students in high schools around the world.

Bobby hopes that people take away the permission to say goodbye. Goodbye can be a sad moment, a happy moment, even a funny moment, but a moment that is okay to partake in and move on.