Shirley Maurina Swimwear Fashion Shooting 2018, Quintana Roo

Shirley Maurina is a gorgeous Brazilian Model who participated in the first edition of the Swimwear Fashion Shooting Mexico @swimwearfashionshooting weekend, held at Villa Duendes Akumal in October of 2018, where the Mexican fashion and styling producer; Marco Corral was commissioned to carry out the art direction along a team of professionals and fashion specialists.

In relation to the Swimwear Fashion Shooting weekend, it was an spectacular experience in relation to the professionalism of the team, some of them had already worked together in the past, and other as friends. Shirley said “I think we had a nice atmosphere and we all gave the best. They treated us very well in all aspects “we were spoiled” by the whole team. I love Quintana Roo because it is a magical place of divine nature.”

Which you consider to be one of your strengths in modeling?

I define myself at my work with love, dedication and charisma. My inspiration has always been my family for the determination and love for which they gave me to be the base to be anywhere. I started modeling after some fashion and beauty competitions in the South of Brazil, professionally I started working at the age of 18 in Porto Alegre with Merlyn Models, and at 19 with Way Models in São Paulo. Later I received the support of Lequipe Models who was the one who connected me with the Mexican market.

What advice would you give to women trying to become models?

My advice to women who start is to be with well-known and recommended agencies, to be careful with international travel and physical and mental health.

My greatest advice I can give is to follow your heart.

What did you learn from your biggest failure?

With failures we learn to restart, mature and evolve of course, I think they are part of success.

What magazines have you been in over the course of your career?

I have worked for Magazines such as: Gliter in Brazil, Glamour Mexico, Claudia, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Mexico and Brazil.


Model: Shirley Maurina @shirleymaurina
Fashion Producer: Marco Corral @marc_corral
Styling Assistant: Fatima Aldana @faty_aldana
Videographer: Arturo Duran @arturoduranfotografo
Production Assistant: Marlon Echevarria @marlon ___ 99
Makeup and Hairstyle: Natacha @voevolution @natachavoevolution Cuahutemoc @cuah_bad Marisol Nunez Soto @marisolnuso
Location: Villa Duendes Akumal @villaduendesakumal
Fashion: Hollister bikini @hollisteco, LOB bathroom outlet @lobmoda, (Brown Look) Bikini and accessories from the Stylist, Hollister whole white suit @hollisteco, Intrinsic output @intrinsecomx
Decoration + Atmosphere: Ysamo Gushiken and Yehuda Madero @gushikenysamo @anhexobodas
Photographer: Gabriel De ita @gabrieldeitaprodutor