Grandma’s House Movie Trailer

Milwaukee’s own and owner of Harmony Social Services, Kimberley Zulkowski has made her splash onto the big screen with her Executive Production debut surrounding a storyline that is beyond personal. In attendance will be Coco Jones, who stars in the film; city officials, 70+ children who are a part of Zulkowski’s foster organization, and more.

Based upon the true story of Zulkowski’s grandmother, Margie Ree Harris. “Grandma’s House” gives a compelling insight into how the Executive Producer’s life changed when she moved into her grandmother’s home after years of being tossed around the foster care and their generations became one, under the same roof. Chock-full of passion, faith, family, and truth, the film demonstrates the trials and tribulations she faced living with a grandparent who stood as an inner-city matriarch and pillar of strength to selflessly serve her family and surrounding community.


“Margie was a Godly woman who left her mark on everyone she came in contact with; she was an amazing example of strength courage and love. I hope by telling my grandmother’s story, will take audiences back down memory lane with their grandmothers. Or to that older person who was loving, ‘old fashioned,’ and it wasn’t until after their death they realized how wise and valuable they truly were,” said Zulkowski.

Please note there will be a traditional press/media line, complete with press and media from the greater Milwaukee area supporting this bridge of awareness between Ms. Zulkowski’s Harmony Social Services and Hollywood. These foster children need affluent VIPs to help them feel hope and look up to in the community. Ms. Zulkowski’s mission in life is to offer a glimmer of just this, through her filmmaking and lifelong dedication as a former foster child herself, who made it out of the system to shine.

For more info go to grandmashouse.film