If you wish to bridge the gap between an ordinary lifespan, and one that exceeds ordinary, then look no further than here. Many of us have habits that are a detriment to our health and life expectancy; the problem is that, in many places in the world, we have been afforded so many luxuries that we have become lazy, so much so that we value exercise and healthy eating very low and choose to spend our days lying around and eating as much junk food as is humanly possible. These habits will simply cause us harm as we grow older.
This page will hope to tell you some habits that you will need to end if you wish to live longer and live healthier. Kicking bad habits can, admittedly, be very difficult, but it is crucial that you do should you want to change your life and live a lot longer than you may do if you continue living the way that you are now. It requires determination and perseverance and requires some self-introspection.

Here are the habits you need to end should you want to live a much longer, healthier, and happier life.

Identify Your Habits

First and foremost, you must identify habits unique to you. The biohacking specialists from Know About Health explain that before one can begin to correct their habits, one must first identify them. An example of this, as told by them, is that if for example, you feel restless all the time, you will need to correct your sleeping pattern. Identifying your habits is as simple as identifying which areas of your life are problematic and which are most difficult. Create a list of all the areas of your life that need improvement and that you feel need correction.

General Bad Habits

While this page cannot tell you how to change your own personal habits, as everybody’s bad habits are entirely subjective to them and them alone, this page will hope to generalize and go over a number of bad habits that you may or may not experience. It is, however, very likely you have at least one of these bad habits, as these seem to be a common theme throughout humanity. Bad habits, while they differ in some aspects, are often the same in others through every single person that you meet.

Lack of Sleep

As was mentioned previously, one of the worst happens one can adopt is a careless and frivolous attitude toward your sleep. Sleep is fundamental to a good quality of life and if one does not get enough, one cannot lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is indicative of a poor quality of life that one finds themselves tired and fatigued all the time. If you find you do not get enough sleep, it is something you must correct immediately, lest it spills over into your life and begins to hinder your day-to-day activities and chores.

Poor Diet

A poor diet, just like a lack of sleep, is terribly common, more so with the ease of access and prominence of junk food and processed fats in the west. A poor diet is something that must be corrected and rooted out, otherwise, you could find your life in danger. A poor diet will only ever lead toward disease, inflammation, and illness. If you do not correct your diet you will suffer later. A poor diet can easily be replaced by fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. You can contact a nutritionist to find out more about improving your diet.

No Exercise

Many people in the 21st century find exercise completely unnecessary. The problem with this is that in previous generations, work was carried out physically and laboriously, and even when it wasn’t, lifestyles were much more active. We do not see much activity in our lives nowadays, and rather, people are stagnant and sit around working on computers, then lie down as soon as they get home. Not exercising is a big problem and is a problem that if not corrected will undeniably lead to some kind of illnesses or deficiencies. It is something that should be fixed urgently.


Pronunciation of words is a bad habit that many have. Many in our world today find themselves disinterested in language, and rather, hold it with contempt. If you find yourself speaking improperly, then correct yourself. An adult should be able to speak the language that they speak properly and pronounce the words thereof.

With the help of this page, you should now know of a few bad habits that need correcting, as well as knowing how to identify which areas of your life need correction. Gradually fixing your bad habits is something that is commendable, and something not many do. Self-improvement is always something that carries great reward.