Born and raised in the UK, Harrison has accomplished a lot within the music industry by the age of 22. Many will recognize Harrison as a singer and others as a DJ, but his uniqueness lies in the great combination of the two, a “hybrid” artist unlike any other in his scene. His talented songwriting and pitch-perfect voice has opened doors to many opportunities in the dance music industry, his first eye-opening track “Ain’t a Party” signaling the start of great things. A collaboration with international chart-topper David Guetta that become a leading, renowned release to Harrison’s success, receiving airplay and support from some of the top DJs known to humankind including Laidback Luke, Nicky Romero and Fedde Le Grand, across event’s including Tomorrowland, ULTRA Miami and many more.

When mentioning the top DJs there was no time to waste, Harrison went straight to collaborating with the number one DJ in the world, Hardwell. He was able to appeal to the best of the best with his distinct, catchy lyrics and unique voice which enticed Hardwell to collaborate when the pairing met at a Harrison show out in Spain. Joining forces for the controversial track ‘Sally’, the unique stance of risqué lyrics paired with main stage dominating production, became one of the most played and most spoken-of tracks on Hardwell’s debut artist album ‘United We Are’. Finally, with two projects already released with such incredible legends in the industry, Harrison realized that this was his calling and that maybe it was for a good reason that his original career path following the sport of rugby, was cut short.

With no time to waste, a short month after the release of ‘Sally’ Harrison already had jumped on another track with Revealed Recordings alumni Dannic and Lucky Date, for the monster track ‘Mayday’, it’s incredible energy earning it a #1 spot on the Beatport Progressive House Chart, also blazing into the overall Beatport Top 100 at an admirable #7. With all this previous support behind him, Harrison took a trip down an alternative avenue and joined forces with Tim Mason and close friend Marrs TV, for a track with a completely different approach to previous works of Harrison. This collaboration was released on independent Dutch label Spinnin’, the track – ‘Eternity’ – weaved together a beautiful tapestry of progressive chords tied in with Harrison’s one-of-a-kind sound, that has already received support from Avicii, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Radio 1’s Danny Howard – surely signifying a bright future for the talent.

2015 has kicked off very fast for Harrison with 3 releases in just under 4 months, with no stopping of the clock just yet. With Steve Aoki’s new album release ‘Neon Future released in May, Harrison also found the time re-unite with the superstar producer in the studio, after gracing the mainstage of SW4 Festival live with him last year, for the hotly-anticipated ‘Holding Up The World’ that has been sending the blogsphere into speculative overdrive. With so many incredible opportunities already lining up in succession for Harrison, only more doors are set to open as he commences work on a host of new, original and solo Harrison productions as we delve deeper into 2015.

How would you define yourself in 3 words?

Workaholic, Humorous and a party animal.

What and what are your musical influences?


Please tell us your favorite track of the moment and why.

The Wave by VINAI feat Harrison, because its a huge festival track and really gets me pumped up!

Tell us about working with two of the top dj’s in the world, Steve Aoki and Hardwell.

Its been a true honour and great opportunities to have worked with both of them and am able to call them my friends.

You also worked with Thomas Gold on ‘Take Me Home’, how was that?

This track has a lot of meaning as I wrote it about my Grandmother, so bringing Thomas in was very cool, he has a lot of time for it and we both perfected the final edit together

Tell us about “Mayday”, your recent Beatport #1?

‘Mayday’ has a lot of energy ad gets the crowds going at any time!

How do you see the EDM scene in 5 years? Do you believe the scene has longevity or it will evolve?

Unfortunately, I’m not a fortune teller but I do see the clubbing/ festival scene staying alive for many years and more definitely evolving to larger things!

What are your plans for over this Summer?

Been travelling a lot – China, Spain, America, Sweden a lot of work and shows to attend as well as try and find some time to see family

Who would be a dream collaborator for you to work with?


Whats next for Harrison?

Solo Harrison tracks coming your way very soon!

Tell us your favorite 3 festivals.

Tomorrowland, Ultra, Coachella

What music we can find on your iPod?

I usually use Spotify – they have great finds to be discovered in their What’s New sections in the dance genre!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Update my socials! There is not much spare time haha…

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Never Give Up!

Where we can follow you? What social media channels are you most active on?

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/HarrisonMusicOfficial

TWITTER: twitter.com/harrisonlive

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/harrisonmusic

SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/harrison-official

YOUTUBE: youtube.com/user/ThisIsHarrisonmusic

Travel Destination: The Moon
City to party: Ibiza
Bar/Nightclub: Ministry of Sound
Drink: Jack Daniels and Coca Cola
Food: Pizza