Having Trouble Sleeping?

Are you struggling to get enough sleep at night? As a result are you feeling sluggish during the day? More irritable and feel like you might have gained some weight? Well, these are things that will happen if you don’t get enough sleep. If sleep deprivation continues for long periods it can have even more serious health risks such as diabetes and heart disease. It could not be more important to make sure you get enough beauty sleep, so here are some tips.


Get a new bed/mattress

This one is really easy. If you are uncomfortable at night, then you need to get a new mattress or bed. Different bed and mattress types are suited to different people, so do a bit of research and make sure you get one you are happy with. Bedstar have a huge range of beds including zip and link beds that are sort of like two single beds linked together. These are great if your other half is constantly shifting during the night, so you can send them off to the other side of the room. There are other types of bed other than zipper beds and they all come with next delivery, so you won’t be bed-less.

No Screens

It has been proven that the light from a screen before bed causes your brain to produce less of the hormone melatonin. This is the hormone that signals that it is time to sleep and makes your drowsy. So, if you struggling to sleep you should cut out the screen use before bed. Why not pick up a physical book, crossword or something of that ilk. They are fun alternatives that will help you to fall asleep easier.

Have a sleeping pattern

Without a sleeping pattern your body is going to struggle to know when it should be going to sleep. It is worth setting an alarm in the evening to remind you that you should be off to bed and one in the morning to wake yourself up. Once you get into the habit and the pattern starts to form you can drop the evening alarm. By continuously going to sleep and waking up at the same time you will develop a sleeping pattern that is suited to your body and it will ensure that you are getting the most out of your sleep. Of course it is fine to have nights and days where you break this pattern, but as long as you don’t make a habit of it then it should be fine.