How a Combination of Exercise and Supplements Can Aid with Healthy Aging

For men and women nearing or over the age of sixty, healthy aging is a huge priority. And, this is a good thing – for a generation which is currently on track to live for longer than any generation before them, it’s no surprise that people are doing anything that they can to make sure that those additional years are filled with as much health and happiness as possible. Nutrition and exercise are the main ‘pillars’ of healthy aging. With the right diet and activity, you can age gracefully and with good health.


Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet is important at all stages of life, however, it becomes even more crucial when the subject of aging healthily is brought up. Good nutrition provides your body with the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that it needs to age in a healthy, supported manner. Studies show that eating a diet which is high in magnesium, vitamins D and B12, Omega-3 and calcium is important to healthy aging. Probiotics should also be taken into consideration – these are the ‘good’ bacteria that control harmful bacteria growth and keep your gut healthy. If you’re not sure what kinds of food to eat to make sure that you get all of this from your diet, you can take many of these vitamins and supplements in tablet form. You could look here for more information. However, remember that supplements should not be used as a substitute for healthy food.


Even when you are nearing or over the age of sixty, there is no reason not to be getting some exercise. In fact, exercise can benefit you hugely as you grow older, keeping your muscles strong, preventing your metabolism from slowing down and lifting your mood. The best thing about exercise is that it can be as gentle as you like. Walking, swimming and cycling are all great cardiovascular exercises you can do to keep your heart healthy and get your blood pumping. For increased balance and strength, yoga is an ideal exercise that can be taken up at any age. Nobody is expecting you to lift heavy weights or run marathons, unless you want to! Even a short walk each day can hugely contribute to healthy aging.

Strong Body, Strong Mind

As we grow older, it’s natural to start to worry about diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia which are commonly associated with aging. Thankfully, putting a number of good strategies for healthy aging into practice doesn’t only mean that you will keep yourself in good shape physically, it also helps to keep your brain and mind healthy as well. The brain needs a number of different nutrients to keep it working in top condition, and by feeding your body the right things, you are also giving your brain the nutrients that it needs. This is not to say that diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be completely prevented, but they certainly can be slowed down or noticed earlier when you’re making an effort to look after your health.

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