Fast food may be king in the diet of today’s Americans but some restaurants are fighting back in an affordable health rebellion. While this may be more than a few months too late, here is a way to keep your New Years’ Resolution. Choosing these restaurants over other greasy choices can help you to eat better and stay healthy. 

  • Native Foods Café– Eating vegan isn’t for everyone, and can be a very hard diet to keep up with. However the friendly folks at Native Foods Café are helping you keep healthy with alternative dishes that make you question your ability to discern meat from Native Meat. With altered versions of classic burgers and tacos, you can eat like normal while improving your health. They offer a variety of favorites including gyros, curry, as well as typical soups and salads, and extremely tasty desserts. Native foods can question even the most carnivorous American’s commitment to meat.

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  • Lemonade– This new chain offers an extremely healthy combinations of veggies and meats in a signature combination they call Marketplace. The marketplace is a type of mix that is similar to a salad but with different combinations of vegetable and meats. Different combinations include avocado, ahi tuna, kale, snap peas, cauliflower, green beans, coconut, lentil, and many more. Make your own and enjoy. Alongside this specialty they have traditional salads, sandwiches and other hot items all of which continuing with the health conscious theme and using organic ingredients.

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  • Pieology– Pieology has seemingly done the impossible, it has created a light thin crust pizza with natural ingredients that still manages to last 2-3 meals for most people. This create-your-own personal pizza joint charges around 8 dollars a “pie” and provides you with the chance to twist your idea of pizza. Move away from traditional tomato sauce and substitute sauces, meats and cheeses not normally delivered to your door in a hotbox. Make your own and watch it bake in the back in under five minutes, then enjoy tasting your world being changed forever.

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  • Panera Bread– An alternative from your classic deli meal, Panera Bread has a classic menu but with fewer calories than the competition and all the great taste. It has a variety of healthy options for every meal, which makes eating healthy more fun than just choosing the salad. The chicken is hormone and antibiotic free, you can order an apple instead of chips with your meal. In this vein they have also added healthy dessert options and breakfast items. Their children’s meals avoid overly fattening options and instead offer grilled cheese, PB&J and organic yogurt. Definitely a great place for a family lunch

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  • Chipotle– One of the widest spreading chains in the past few years, Chipotle has the advantage of having high quality, fresh ingredients. Chipotle offers burritos and tacos as well as the bowls and salads, the later of which are clearly the healthier option, forgoing to carbs are getting straight to the delicious fillings. As a common choice for those who do not want to go completely vegetarian or sit down in a café, Chipotle offers options for those looking to eat healthy without drastic changes to their routine and lifestyle.

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By Chase Cunningham