Destination weddings are becoming a more and more popular option for young couples. With a destination wedding, you can not only enjoy beautiful surroundings for your big day, almost guaranteed good weather, and an exotic honeymoon without the flight after the wedding, but you can also actually save a lot of money. This is because with the destination wedding you are likely to be entertaining fewer guests and will not be expected to put on as lavish a party as a wedding reception as you would at home.

Some people have destination weddings with no people invited at all and have them as an intimate ceremony between only the couple. However, certain people who want to have a destination wedding decide that they would like to have everyone on their friend list who would like to come with them on the day. It is usually seen as bad form to expect people to come to a destination wedding because it can involve a lot of cost and time off work for your guests. However, if you want to invite people who you think would like to attend, there are some things you can do to make it easier for them to come if they want to.

Give As Much Notice As You Can

Giving advance notice of your wedding plans is crucial if you want anybody to come to your destination and celebrate your marriage with you. This is because they will likely need to not only make their own travel arrangements, book time off work if appropriate, and arrange things like childcare or house sitting, but they will also probably want time to budget for the trip. This means that you will need to give more notice than you would for a normal wedding, and it is a good idea to send out ‘save the dates’ as early as you can once you’ve decided on a date for the wedding. This does not have to be something you do especially formally. You can make your own save the date cards using online templates, or you can even just create a calendar event to send by email or on social media.

Research Accommodation Options For Them

Another way to make coming to your wedding as easy as possible for the people you would like to attend is to take some of the work out of researching the trip for them. Even if you have not yet decided on the exact resort you will be staying in, or the exact location of the wedding ceremony, it can be good to search local hotels and other facilities as well as flights, so that you can help people to make it easy to book their trip.

Leave Them Free Time in Your Wedding Itinerary

Another thing to consider is that your guests will likely be using not only their vacation days from work but also their travel budget to come and attend your wedding. This means that you want it to feel as much like a vacation for them as possible, and so when you are planning your itinerary around the wedding, make sure that there is still plenty of time for them to do their own thing, and explore and enjoy the destination.

These are all things that don’t take very much effort but can make coming to your wedding a lot more appealing to people who would have to travel to the destination to do so.