Life can change in an instant but if you find yourself in a situation where you’re injured because of someone else’s wrongdoing it’s important to know how to get as much compensation as you can to get your life back on track. Two very common types of accidents you can take those responsible to the court for are car accidents and dog bites. Additionally, if a medical professional wrongs you due to improper treatment or if an employer denied you health coverage after an accident on the job you can take them to court for damages. Finally, in some instances a company itself may cause you bodily harm such as due to distributing defective products or having unsafe facility conditions in their premises so you can sue them for compensation. This article will go over six types of personal injury cases you can sue compensation for.

Dog Bites

When a person owns an animal they are responsible for taking care of it and it’s actions. According to the law and these expert attorneys if personal injury occurs as the result of someone else negligence you may sue them. Although the owner of the animal wasn’t the one who caused the injury they are still responsible for properly training the animal and controlling it when it’s around other people.

Medical Malpractice

If you’re injured you’ll often be suing the other party for medical treatment but in some cases the other party is a medical professional. If you seek the assistance of a doctor for medical treatment but they end up causing you more harm due to their negligence or even by intention you can sue them for the damage caused. For example if you are going to a dermatologist to help treat you for a skin condition but they put you on antibiotics for far longer than you should, causing you to become very ill you can take that doctor to court.

Car Accidents

One of the most common causes of personal injuries in car accidents if you are hurt because of the other driver’s negligence you have an opportunity to sue them. Very often auto insurance plans will cover medical expenses in the case of a collision but if the accident causes you to take lots of time off work you could consider suing the other party. However, before you try to take the other person to court be sure to examine the incidents surrounding the crash to see if you actually have a case because some accidents can be caused by unavoidable circumstances like driving over black ice and aren’t the other party’s responsibility.

Disability Claims

If you work in a hazardous environment odds are your company will have a pretty strong insurance plan to help you out in the case that you get injured on the job. But what happens if you get severely injured at work and have to take time off but your boss denies your disability claim? If this is the case you absolutely can take your employer to court to pay for your medical expenses and get your life back on track.

Defective Products

In many personal injury cases it’s a person who’s harmed your physical wellbeing but sometimes it can also be a company. If you ended up consuming or using a defective product that hasn’t been recalled and fell ill because of it you are able to file a lawsuit against that company. For instance, if you end up eating some frozen burger patties and end up getting salmonella from it you will be able to go after the company for compensation.

Premises Liability claims

When someone owns a building they are responsible for keeping it in good order and making sure there are no hazards around the place. In the case that you get injured in someone else’s building like a restaurant or an apartment complex due to the poor condition of the building you can sue its owner. If the building is the property of an organization you would then be able to sue that company for the accident.

Personal injuries happen all the time so it’s critical you know which sorts of accidents you can take those who caused you harm to court for. Car accidents and dog bites are common accidents that you can take the other party to court for if you were harmed during that incident. Medical malpractice and denial of disability claims are also potential cases you can sue those who have inconvenienced you.

Last of all, if you get harmed by using a defective product or being hurt due to hazards on another’s property are another set of instances where you can sue for compensation. With this knowledge and a solid personal injury lawyer behind you you’ll be prepared if life sends you a curveball.