If you’re looking to move to Perth or any long-distance city in Australia and planning to take your musical instruments with you, you should know that extra care is a necessity.

When you ask every person who owns a piano or guitar what these instruments are to them, they would surely tell you that these things hold a special place in their hearts (not to mention that they are really expensive). Most of them are fragile and can range from a huge upright piano down to smaller pieces such as guitars. So if you don’t know how to pack them carefully, it would be best to search Google for removalists Perth and hire movers in your area to help during the moving day, especially if you’re transporting your beloved instruments on a long-distance drive.

Whether you are a member of a certain band or just someone who is passionate about music and plays for pleasure, you would surely hate to see your musical instruments get scratches and dents during the moving process. The best course of action to avoid this is to search for cheap Perth removalists and hire their services. You would want someone who has extensive knowledge and experience in moving your precious instruments without spending a huge amount of cash.

Professional Removalists Packing Materials

A professional moving company will likely use the most high-caliber materials for packing to ensure that your valuable musical instruments are thoroughly protected. Bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, professional-grade boxes, or custom-built crates made out of wood will be used to pack all of them for transport.

Piano Removalists Perth

When transporting a massive upright piano or any other instrument of that size, most moving companies use clean, heavy-duty moving pads. Put in mind that most pianos normally weigh around 500-1000 lbs. (or more), so if you’re thinking of moving it yourself, think again. A professional moving company staff is equipped with the right dollies and piano skids to move this instrument without a scratch or dent. The mover will also remove the legs of a grand piano as it is very fragile and is prone to breakage. Doing this will also make it easier for them to transport it in tight spaces such as doorways. Another advantage of hiring professional removalists in Perth is that they make sure that your piano is securely placed inside the truck so that it stays still while it is transported to the new address. Just a tip, you might need to have your piano tuned when you settle in.

Drums need special attention

Drum sets are some of the most vulnerable instruments. They are prone to scratches and bumps when not safely handled. Thus professional moving companies take extra care as possible to protect the metal finish of the drums and the drum set as a whole. To ensure the safeguard during a move, the drum sets will be cautiously dismantled and placed inside a kit for fast reassembly. The legs of the drums will be detached and will be individually wrapped inside a bubble wrap before packed in a box. Also, the heads will be disassembled and stuffed with a bundle of cushioning as well as the cymbals to be packed and wrapped inside a bubble wrap. Lastly, the stands will also be secured and folded.


Guitars with hardcovers do not require to be placed inside a box. Instead, the guitar within these cases will be packed inside a wrapper to prevent it from moving inside. The hardcovers could be safely wrapped within a moving sheet to protect the external parts. On the other hand, guitars with soft cases or guitars with no cases at all will be securely enveloped prior to being placed inside the box. Other accessories including the straps of the guitars should be dismantled and also the strings should be slightly untight.

In conclusion, transporting various movable musical equipment and instruments is required to be appropriately packed to ensure safety precautions and defects during movement. If you ever need a professional like that locally or international movers – Wisemove can always help you out.