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Shore Projects


Shore Projects is a watch brand inspired by the beauty and fun of the British seaside. Started by a group of friends who one day noticed that none of them actually wore watches, our ambition was simply to create a timeless, quality product that could be worn every day.

All the watches are influenced by vintage designs, combined with strong modern day build quality. Using precision manufacturing processes this allows the watches to withstand the demands of everyday living. They are made with stainless steel cases and have crystal sapphire glass. The leather on the straps is of the finest quality sourced from Italy and all are waterproofed to 100m which means they are designed for swimming in the sea.

One of the most exciting features of the watches is the innovative strap mechanism that makes it easy to swap straps on a daily basis, so the look of the watch can change in just a few seconds. The idea is to create as many colours, styles and patterns as possible so that you never get bored wearing the same strap over and over again.

Check all the collection at: usa.shoreprojects.com

Bare Republic


The official leading sun protection partner brand for the LA Galaxy. Let the power of nature protect with our new natural sunscreen collection formulated for the active eco-conscious customer. Retailing exclusively at Target, this cruelty-free, mineral sunscreen collection blends Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide with plant derived antioxidants to nourish and protect you and your family from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Wear with confidence knowing that you are applying the latest in sunscreen technology: broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection 100% free of chemical actives, water-resistant formulas, no parabens, no retinyl-palmitate, no worries! Enjoy our all natural Coconut Vanilla signature scent and high performance eco-friendly formulas as you #GoBareOutside with us! For more information, please visit barerepublicnaturals.com.

Free Bella


Let’s get real: with the average price of swimwear, us gals are putting forward a pretty penny for that one suit to get us through spring break. But, who wants just one when we’re heading to the beach every chance we get? Finally, a brand has come forth to give the real girl what she needs: quality, on-trend swimwear without the sticker shock.

Designed by Australian native now Los Angeles resident, Francesca Lagudi, is a young millennial herself and was tired of seeing swimwear that was at an unattainable price. Check them out at: freebella.com

Million Mile Light


Compact and weatherproof, the Million Mile Light can illuminate up to 200 meters of visibility powered solely by the motion of its wearer. The BATTERY FREE light releases a burst of renewable energy with each step taken, providing peace of mind on early morning or late night runs by keeping you safe and seen. Retails for $22.99. Check the Flipbelt website at flipbelt.com

FlipBelt Zipper


A new wider pocket with zipper protection has allowed the FlipBelt to become more convenient and comfortable than ever. Made from sweat wicking material the sleek belt is designed to fit snuggly around your waist and store all of your essential items while exercising. Keys, credit cards, inhalers, and phones (even the iPhone 6 plus) comfortably fit inside the belt while the zipper pocket ensures that no item will be lost or dropped. Retails for 34.99 Check the Flipbelt website at flipbelt.com

FlipBelt Water Bottle


Designed specifically to pair with the FlipBelt, their new water bottles keep staying hydrated while exercising easier than ever. Its flat design allows the bottle to slide comfortably into the FlipBelt’s wide pocket without the feeling of heaviness and bulkiness that other hydration packs carry. The bottles are made from safe BPA free materials and include a soft bite silicon mouthpiece. They are dishwasher friendly and can be purchased in a 6oz or 11oz size.

The FlipBelt line of workout accessories can be found at Amazon.com, REI, Bed Bath & Beyond, 24 Hour Fitness, Sports Authority, and many other retailers across the nation. Check the Flipbelt website at flipbelt.com

Dial Watches – Art On Your Wrist


Launching their very first collection in conjunction with British paper artist Sarah Dennis, whose work combines traditional paper cutting with collage, Dial aims to transform the world of watches, making high quality pieces that bring together modern art and classic watchmaking. With just one exclusive design featuring either a gold or rose gold outer case, Dial’s collaboration with the British paper-cutting artist has resulted in delicate handmade butterflies and woodland featuring across the navy faces of each watch, with the simple cream dial complimenting the feminine design details perfectly. Using classic shades, each Dial timepiece comes with two handmade leather straps in navy and cream, allowing the wearer to switch up their style with ease, while the high quality crystal glass and Miyota movement ensures the timepieces are made to and function at the highest possible quality. Available now at Dialwatches.com


1800 Milenio – Extra Anejo Tequila


Check this super premium extra-aged tequila and get party started. Milenio comes from 250 years of family traditions and eleven generations of Expert Tequileros and represents the best of avant-garde aging and distillation techniques.

What makes it special:

– Premium extra-aged anejo tequila, matured for forty months in American Oak barrels
– The liquid spends four months being finished in French Oak ex-cognac barrels
– Surprisingly balanced, soft and unique flavor with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and caramel
– Available nationwide in select markets for $225


Violet Love Headbands


Made in Los Angeles, Violet Love Headbands was founded by Rebecca Michaels, who began as a civil engineer in Maryland but left that world to pursue her creative passions. Whether it’s dressing in boho-chic style, working out at the gym, or enjoying outdoor excursions, the “No Headache-No Slip” headbands are the perfect solution. Not only affordable and versatile, the headbands are also eco-friendly. The company uses recycled inks and allergy-free and vegan dyes. Plus, by reusing their printing cylinders and recycling the solvent inks, Violet Love Headbands produces virtually no water waste or emissions.

The Signature Couture Collection comes in bright, wild patterns on a washable fabric that should be line dried or laid flat. The Performance Solid Collection are bright, single-colored headbands that can be worn during heavy workouts. The Performance Solid Headbands are made from a lighter weight 13.3-ounce High Count Poly Microfiber fabric that is highly absorbent and able to be both machine washed and dried. Violet Love Headbands are available for adults and children. The adult size measures 9” long and 2” in diameter and costs between $17 and $19. The child’s version is 8” in length and 1 ½” in diameter and retails for $15.

Check them out at: violetloveheadbands.com

Giraffe Razor Extension Handle


There are millions of women each year who are unable to shave their legs due to the discomfort of symptoms associated with a chronic medical condition or the post-operative phase of hip and knee replacement surgery and the third-trimester of pregnancy. All of these conditions decrease flexibility and mobility and therefore, make shaving difficult if not impossible with a short-handled razor. As a consequence, some women just “give up” on shaving their legs entirely or resort to a caregiver or loved one to carry out this personal daily care routine.

There is now an option for these women to shave their legs independently with comfort and safety. Introducing the Giraffe Razor Extension Handle, a shaving accessory designed to customize the length and angle of your premium disposable or reusable razor.

The Giraffe is easy to use: just lock in the razor, adjust the length, choose the desired angle, and you are ready to shave! And is available for $29.99 on Amazon.com and Giraffebathandbody.com



Traveling with children can make any parent feel like they’ve packed up the entire house. Mifold is a revolutionary new booster seat hitting the market now. It’s a great solution to keeping kids safe while saving space. This advanced booster seat is 10x smaller than traditional booster seats. It can be folded to fit in a carryon bag. Great for road trips, too! Rather than “boosting” kids up, the seat brings down the seat belt to a child’s size. It works for children over 40 pounds, ages 4–12. mifold.com

Tat Towels


If you are traveling and you want to protect your tattoo’s Tat Towels provide an easy, non-greasy way to maintain your tattoo (s) as compared to applying messy creams and pastes.  Tat Towels are unscented and each towelette is recommended for single use. A canister of forty 7” by 10” wipes sell for $12.95 and can be purchased at bodywipecompany.com and Amazon.com

Actors, sports stars, musicians and rappers, artists and models with famous tattoos range from Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Tattoos have become more common over the past few decades, with approximately 20% of American adults having at least one tattoo.

Tat Towels are not intended to be used as an immediate tattoo aftercare product, as they are not anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, or an antiseptic. Tat Towels formulation will not stain or become sticky after application.



Weego is a brand of portable power products including compact, lightweight, lithium-polymer jump starters for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and more, complementary jump starter accessories, as well as rechargeable battery packs that charge phones, tablets, speakers, and more.

The Weego 12V DC Adapter allows you to bring portable power to the campsite, dock, on board your boat, on the trail, road, or in the wilderness. The 12V DC Adapter connects your Weego jump starter to any 12V DC plug to power a lantern, air compressor, heater, portable radio, car vacuum and more. It’s incredibly easy to use. Just attach the 12V DC Adapter to the 12V/10A output on the jump starter and the other end to the device’s DC plug.  The convenient 3.5 inch cord keeps storage space to a minimum and fits in the Weego Jump Starter Battery+ carrying case.  While compatible with Weego jump starters, it will provide instant power for any lithium jump starter with a 12V 5.5 mm barrel jack output.

For more information or to buy Weego visit myweego.com