Christmas is just around the corner, and just as expected, there are holiday marketing campaigns everywhere. The holiday season is when businesses try to bank on the shopping frenzy as customers look for the perfect Christmas gifts.

Expect numerous FB ads, TV commercials, emails, and social media posts going all around, showcasing the holiday spirit.

But you might be asking, “Won’t consumers be overwhelmed by the number of holiday campaigns they see?” That sure can happen, and that’s why our team at Gold Lion Technologies suggests you get creative.

With that said, we’ve compiled here a few examples of the best holiday marketing ideas, plus some tips on how you can do the same.


1. Coca-Cola: Create a Story

We doubt there’s anyone better than Coca-Cola when it comes to holiday campaigns. This giant is really the best in tugging at your heartstrings with their holiday ads, and their 2020 holiday commercial is the same.

In this commercial, the brand brings us not a commercial but a story of a dad doing anything just so he can deliver something to Santa. What is it? His daughter’s letter. Of course, the commercial showcases our protagonist drinking a Coke, the signature product of Coca-Cola.

However, it is not the focus of the TV ad — the dad’s journey is. He goes through any length to deliver the letter — sailing through the sea, hiking through a forest, riding across a desert, and climbing a snowy mountain.

Finally, he reaches Santa’s cabin, but the red guy’s closed for Christmas. All seems hopeless, but Santa comes through. Santa arrives in a Coca-Cola truck, taking the dad home as he finally reads the letter and learns his daughter’s wish—for him to come home this Christmas.

What made this holiday commercial click? It’s the story, which highlights what we all want this Christmas — to be with our loved ones. You can do the same with your holiday campaign, using nostalgia marketing and leveraging memories to touch the hearts of your audience.

2. Apple: Emphasis on Emotions

The holidays bring out a mix of emotions, and it’s an excellent idea to appeal to those emotions. Apple uses this strategy in one of its commercials, successfully encouraging users to make its product — in this case, a tablet — included in your holiday shopping.

The commercial showcases a relatable setting — a family traveling to visit a relative during the holidays. During the entire ad, the iPad is the one thing keeping the peace while the whole family is traveling and even while at home.

At first, you wouldn’t see what this commercial is all about, but it will soon make you tear up from how the iPad became the perfect gift. It’s all thanks to Apple focusing on emotional appeal while using their product to tell the story.

3. Amazon: Don’t Overdo on Product Placements

If there’s one thing that utterly offends a customer, it’s excessive product placements. This applies particularly to modern customers who are more critical about the advertisements they see. More importantly, your goal this holiday season is not precisely to hard sell.
Your Christmas ad should instead use this opportunity to relate to your audience, to find out what emotions to associate with your product. In any case, don’t overdo product placements when creating a Christmas video ad or any marketing campaign, just like what Amazon did.

In one of its ads, Amazon did well in leveraging our feelings about the 2020 pandemic and being forced to halt most of our lives. Amazon’s commercial is about a ballerina chosen as the lead of her school’s winter show.

It was an incredible opportunity, but the event was eventually canceled because of the pandemic. With being forced to stay at home and her classes now online, her excitement slowly faded away. But her little sister saved the day by creating a DIY event by their apartment building.

The event was socially distanced with the tenants looking down from their apartments and the girl got to dance what she’d practiced for.

Where’s the Amazon product? It’s the single flashlight used by one of the tenants to watch the show. There’s the emotional appeal, but also the fact Amazon only shows a single product in this ad rather than being overly salesy.

4. reMarkable: Simplicity

It is easy to be caught up with all the hastiness of holiday planning. However, it is better to err on the side of simplicity in marketing ads, especially if this is your first holiday season. Sometimes, it is better to stick to the basics and avoid trying out a new approach.

Even large companies sometimes choose to go simple in their holiday marketing campaigns. It depends on the capability of your team and the amount of support you have during the holiday season.

Focusing on simplicity in your marketing campaign may also have to do with your own brand. For example, reMarkable has always been known for being simple and cool. This company has only one product — a tablet known as a “digital notebook.” That is, when you jot down something on the tablet, it will turn your writing into typed notes automatically.

Now, reMarkable extended that simplicity to its New Year email ad. It is also a simple campaign where the company entices its customers to go shopping with a $50 discount. It’s just that — simple and straight to the point.

With their email ad, reMarkable accomplished their goal — to help customers save time and spend it with their loved ones in the upcoming year. They made it possible by not adding anything unnecessary in their email marketing campaign.

5. Spotify: Humor Works

Nostalgia isn’t the only emotion you can leverage this Christmas. Humor also works, so how about creating a holiday marketing campaign that provides comic relief? This is perfect for when you want an ad that breaks the monotony.

One excellent example of this is Spotify’s 2017 #2018goals campaign, featuring hilarious New Year’s resolutions that literally made people stop in their tracks and giggle. The “2018 Goals” campaign follows up Spotify’s “Thanks, 2016…It’s Been Weird” campaign the year before, which was just as humorous.

This campaign was made possible by the brand’s ingenious use of data and artists, along with humor, designed to relieve some of life’s seriousness. Moreover, the campaign sparked optimism and hope in those who came through them.


What makes the best holiday marketing campaign? It focuses on emotions, is simple, has a story to tell, doesn’t hard sell, and is ideally humorous.

Of course, there are some technical aspects you need to take care of when it comes to marketing campaigns. Don’t worry because we can help with that here at Gold Lion Technologies. If you need help with your holiday ad, don’t hesitate to book a free 30-min consultation with us.