The Women’s sneaker market has exploded over the last few years and at the forefront of sneaker fashion trends is Nike. Their legendary Air Max range has enjoyed a huge comeback as well as the retro look Huarache, which was first released in 1991. The Roshe, a newer sneaker has been extremely popular because of its minimalist stylish design so expect to see a couple of these sneakers on the list. If any of the sneakers catch your eye you can check out the current stock status over at traineraddict.com.

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire – Floral City Paris


This beautifully designed sneaker was released as part of a larger “City Pack” back in March. The design is based on the popular Ultra Moire range and features a complete floral print design. The use of pink and sky blue throughout the sneaker blend perfectly with the floral print which makes for a gorgeous premium shoe.

Nike Air Max 1 Print “Aloha” – Red


Sticking with the Air Max Range, this next addition was also part of a larger “Aloha Pack” which was released in 3 different colourways. This bold red version is our favourite and features floral print inserts around the heel, toe vamp and laces.

Nike Air Huarache – Mulberry


The Huarache has made a huge comeback recently and we have seen many original and brand new colourways released this year so far. One of our favourites is the purple (mulberry) model which as the name suggests is an all purple design. The sneaker is balanced well with a white midsole which finishes the design off nicely.

Nike Roshe One Print – White / Bold Berry


Next on the list is another floral print sneaker in the shape of the popular Roshe One. The simple one piece all white body has been finished off by a stunning purple, blue and green floral design. The Roshe can be worn casually and is great for use at the gym.

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire – Triple Black


It’s all well and good having nice pretty floral design or all white sneakers but sometimes you need something a little less cute and a little more practical. That’s where our next addition fits in, the stylish low profile ‘Triple Black’ Air Max Ultra Moire is the perfect sneaker for this occasion and definitely deserves its place on the list.

Nike Air Huarache Print “Aloha” – Pink


Back to normal proceedings, here we have the beautiful pink Huarache featuring a floral design. The sneaker features a premium patterned faux leather material around the side walls and toe vamp. The floral design is vast in detail and uses colours such as pink, purple, green, blue and white.

Nike Roshe One – Triple White


The final addition to the list is this simple yet elegant all white Roshe. You can’t go wrong with an all white sneaker and combine that with the minimalist looks of the Roshe, you have a sneaker that will go with any casual outfit and be used for any occasion. This model has been made using a breathable mesh material so is a perfect summer shoe.