Every worker in Indiana and the rest of the United States contributes to the nation’s social security program in order to secure a livable retirement period for themselves. In exchange for their contributions, they can retire and receive pension payments that are enough for them to live decently.

However, there are cases when certain disabilities render some individuals unable to work and contribute to the social security fund. Instead, they require financial assistance from it in order to live and recover from their handicap.

They need to file a social security disability claim for this, and it will be best if they get the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in this area. The subsections that follow will present the reasons hiring the lawyer is a good move.

A good SSD lawyer helps in identifying and gathering appropriate medical records

Because the social security disability program involves money, strict measures are in place in order to make sure that this does not get abused. An unfortunate result of this is the high number of claims that are denied, and some of them are valid ones that are just not complied with in the right fashion.

Such a situation can be avoided if an Indianapolis SSD attorney is hired to help with the document gathering right from the beginning. Not only will this professional help in making sure that all necessary files are in order, they can also expedite the filing process. Some medical centers surely take their time processing requests from patients. But when they see an attorney’s name and stamp on the requests, things can roll quicker.

In addition to this, the attorney themselves may have direct contacts with physicians and other specialists who can provide the necessary assistance in ascertaining the seriousness of your medical condition. This networking will surely save you time looking for medical professionals to work with.

They are good at what they do, which is arguing your case

The gatekeepers of the social security disability program might need a little convincing to rule in your favor, and this is where a good lawyer can be of great help. It’s common knowledge among lawyers that some cases are won not because they are extraordinarily meritorious but because the rather simple facts are well-argued and excellently presented.

No, this is not to say that they will have to lie or concoct stories. All the lawyer needs to do here is highlight the right things so that the focus is on them. Sometimes, denials happen because the claim talks about a lot of different things, so that the facts suddenly become unclear to the assessor.

They can appeal your claim, this time with much more ammo

Most of the time, people only think of lawyers when they’ve already submitted their claims but got denied. Well, there really is no problem in this because social security disability lawyers are trained to make appeals when claims are wrongly denied. They can use their medical connections and expertise in argumentation to bolster the claim, and most of the time this reinforcement is enough.

Getting the help of a lawyer makes the process of filing a disability claim not only quicker but also more effective, since they already know what to submit and how the case should be presented. Hence, don’t hesitate to give your nearest SSD attorney a call if you or a loved one is planning to submit a disability claim before the Social Security Administration.