For many, many decades, people have been trying to uncover a magic solution that will help them get rid of excess fat in a fast, yet efficient way. They’ve been testing out various diets, diet pills, intense workouts, etc.

But have any of these things truly helped? In some way, yes, but it seems like people are dying to find something that is going to give them excellent results without investing too much time and effort.

So they’ve turned to fat burners because a lot of them have heard that they can quickly melt the fat. But is it true? Are they a real thing? We conducted thorough research to make sure you get the answer to this question.

The Truth Behind Thermogenic Fat Burners

What Do They Represent?

This term can be defined as heat-producing. Namely, when the body starts burning calories, it produces more heat, hence, supplements that were intended for fat burning or boosting metabolism can be called thermogenic.

Nowadays, on the market, you can come across various types of supplements that were designed for this purpose. Some of them consist of one ingredient only, while there are those that come with a blend of the metabolism-boosting mixture.

A majority of manufacturers claim that their fat burners can help you lose weight, or at least burn more fat, so to see how they affect your metabolism, it is the best course of action to try them for yourself.

How Do They Work?

If you want to be a bit more creative, then you can define them as a scope on your hunting rifle, however, you will not be hunting an animal, but your fat cells. In this example, the workout is the munition and diet represents the gun.

So what can we expect from them? Namely, with the help of fat burners, you will be able to aim properly and target the fat effectively. Even though these supplements can be very efficient and helpful, you cannot expect the best results in the world without a proper diet and exercise.

Furthermore, some of the major ingredients placed in these burners are made to stimulate hormonal reactions in your body, as well as to start breaking down fat and employing it as a fuel source.

A majority of fat burners contain caffeine which can help you get rid of those extra pounds by increasing the metabolism and enabling the body to utilize fat for fuel. Moreover, it also provides your body with lots of energy which is perfect for those who want to exercise as well or perform any other calorie-burning activities.

What does caffeine do in the body? Namely, it increases the breakdown of these fatty acids that can be found in adipose tissue and once they are broken down, they go directly into the bloodstream. Once that occurs, our body burns them up to get more energy.

Now, there’s one misconception about fat burners. Even though they can be of huge help during your weight loss journey, they are not a magic wand. What does it mean? It means that you cannot expect a miracle if you’re not having a balanced, healthy diet.

If that’s the case, then you will never lose a single pound. On the other hand, if you are, then with the help of these supplements, you will speed up your weight loss, have way more energy and eat much less.

Furthermore, these burners promote fat to be employed for energy, and they increase both the core temperature and metabolism, widely known as thermogenesis which means that you’ll be burning more calories during the day.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

Other Ingredients That Can Be Found In Fat Burners

Besides caffeine that was previously mentioned there are some other things that can be found in these supplements:

  1. Green Tea extract – A lot of them are loaded with it. It’s made out of green tea and can help you burn calories and decrease the amount of fat your body absorbs from the food you consume.
  2. Carnitine – This compound can be of huge help for your metabolism, plus it will provide you with lots of energy. Moreover, it can be found in various dairy products, meats, and both kidneys and liver produce it naturally. Just be careful with the amount. Too much of it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.
  3. Soluble fiber – Some of these supplements are pretty high in soluble fiber. Now, this may not drastically increase fat burn, however, it will surely curb your appetite. Just like Green Tea extract, this one can also help your body absorb less fat from the food it receives. Some fiber-rich ingredients that can frequently be found in fat burners include Guar gum, Beta-glucans, and Glucomannan.
  4. Yohimbe – This compound arrives from the bark of the evergreen tree. It can be found in a lot of fat burners, however, you have to be very cautious with it, since it can increase blood pressure, cause anxiety, headaches, and agitation.
  5. Other ingredients that can be found in these supplements include – Capsicum, conjugated linoleic acid, Fucoxanthin, Kelp, Chromium, Forskolin, Garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones.

Are They Considered Safe?

A million-dollar question for sure. And the answer is yes, these fat burners are safe, however, just like with any other supplement, you have to be very careful with them as well. What does it mean?

It means that if you are reasonable about them when it comes to the amount you’re using, everything is going to be fine. If that’s the case, then they can be defined as a safe way to speed up your weight loss and get some amazing results.

Now, what’s extremely important before you purchase them is to first talk to your healthcare provider. This is especially important if you’re dealing with some serious health condition. In that case, you should call your doctor to see if these supplements can interact with the medicines you’re taking.

Miracles can only be seen in the movies, which means that you cannot get rid of the fat in a split second. As you can see, these fat burners can truly help you on your journey, but you surely need to make some other changes to get better results.