As the COVID-19 pandemic enters a second calendar year and vaccination rollouts increase, many organizations continue to consider the scope and impact of events.

As you begin to think about upcoming events, remember that event production companies can help you think through the myriad details, complexities, and considerations. Hiring event production companies eases the burden on internal planning professionals and can ensure that your events meet your goals, are safe, and attract the attendees you want to have.

Event production companies like Twenty Three Layers work with leading companies to create experiential corporate and social events that will wow your guests. Here, you can learn about planning a COVID-safe event with the help of event planners.

Event Planners Consider Guidelines in a COVID-19 World

Companies and organizations that typically would not think twice about holding an in-person event now need to factor in many considerations. Knowing how to create an event that is fully safe means complying with an array of guidelines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a full section of information and recommended guidance regarding events that covers the full spectrum of planning, including:

  • How many attendees can be at a conference, sporting event or other activity
  • How to maintain safe distances at events
  • Whether organizers should test all attendees
  • Recommendations about mask usage
  • Preventative measures staff can take to protect themselves and others
  • Cleaning guidelines
  • Whether to postpone or cancel

This guidance, though not mandated, needs to be considered fully. In addition, state, county, and local boards of public health very likely have their own guidelines in place regarding events. That’s where event production companies can play a crucial role.

Benefits of Using Event Production Companies during COVID-19

Why consider using event production companies during the COVID-19 crisis? Companies that have the experience, knowledge, and skills to ensure great events that adhere to the various guidance in play ensures that your events are successful. Here are some of the key benefits to hiring event production companies.

  • Guideline Adherence. Your company or organization needs to follow your county’s COVID-19 guidelines. A failure to do so can risk being the source of an outbreak of illness, financial penalties, reputational damage and the loss of future business. Twenty Three Layers is well versed in county COVID-19 requirements and has the expertise, knowledge and experience to ensure that guidelines are followed for many aspects, including:
    • Mask mandates
    • Guest limits
    • Proper seating spacing
  • Venue Selection. Finding the right venue for your event is always important but even more critical today. Event planners like Twenty Three Layers can help find the perfect socially distant outdoor venues to match your event goals
  • Vendor Relationships. In a COVID-19 reality, you need event planners with the relationships that ensure you have great pricing and support for all your event needs. From catering to lighting and sound to equipment rentals, you can rely on event planning companies to have the relationships that transform your event
  • Swag Success. A party is not a party until the gift boxes or party favors are in hand. Give your guests the stuff-we-all-get that brings a smile to their face and is also practical. Twenty Three Layers can help with giveaways that include hand sanitizer, masks and themed goodies to keep guests talking after they head home

Event production companies have had to adapt and lean on their creativity to meet the ever-changing needs of the pandemic. With thorough knowledge of changing guidelines, they can help you plan the safest event possible.