If you are a service person who will soon be leaving the forces, then the Department of Veteran Affairs will soon become an important asset. You will need to provide evidence to them to gain your Certificate of Eligibility, which will last for the rest of your life, and benefit spouses post-death.

Who The Department Of Veteran Affairs Are

The Department of Veteran Affairs is a branch of the federal government that has been operating since the end of World War Two. They work with veterans to provide them with a range of services and benefits post-service. They work with veterans who have been discharged in an honorable way and have worked long enough to qualify.

Disability Compensation

One of the benefits associated with the VA comes in the form of disability compensation. This means that if you have been injured whilst serving, then you could be due compensation in either short-term or long-term ways. It is best to speak to the VA to get a better understanding of your rights, or if a spouse could benefit.

Pension Aid

As a major institute working through federal sources, those who have served within the armed forces will find their future is protected. The VA works with insurers and pension agents to get the best payments into the future. There will be private and federal providers of insurance; contact the VA for more information.

Property Purchasing

One of the most famous instances of the Department of Veteran Affairs working with veterans comes in the form of the property marker. The VA works with private lenders to set up programs designed to be more affordable to veterans, to help them get onto the property ladder. It’s a way of the country giving back to those who served.

The program reduces costs for veterans in a few different ways. The most effective one being that veterans will not need to pay any down payment towards a home purchase. With traditional loans, they would usually ask for up to 20% of the total price upfront, with monthly payments then following.

With VA loans you will only need to focus on the monthly payments. Ensure to use a lender who understands the needs of a veteran in their home search. Hero Loan specializes in VA loans and can do the hard work on your behalf, with a 5-minute approval.

Educational Programs

The VA also works with colleges and other educational institutes to aid veterans in gaining new skills and knowledge. This is beneficial for veterans who are looking for a new career path or line of work in general. It could be something practical, or something more theory-based. There will be plenty of choices to choose from within education, so consider speaking to a local branch.