Working nurses who feel like they are stuck in a rut and want to step up in work need to take a few simple steps. The field of nursing is competitive, and many nursing professionals can find themselves stuck in one job role for a lengthy period of their working life. However, you can easily level up in your field with a high standard of education, the right skill set, and some relevant experience. Here are a few top tips to help you break out of the monotony and accelerate your nursing career.

Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree

An efficient way to fast-track your career is to obtain a Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) degree. If you are worried about balancing university work with your full-time job—don’t fret. The Marian University RN to BSN program is taught 100 percent online and can be completed in just one year. As a licensed registered nurse with a nursing diploma or an associate degree, you can take your career to the next level and earn more with a higher level of learning. A BSN can help keep your job secure and give you an edge over other nursing professionals in a competitive field. With a BSN, you will acquire comprehensive knowledge about various aspects of nursing, including leadership and management, and it can open doors for you at your current organization.

Stepping Stone to MSN

A BSN is also a stepping stone to a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree, suitable for nurses who want to branch out as educators, nurse practitioners, midwives, and any other advanced practice registered nursing profession.

Become a Member of a Professional Nursing Organization

Networking is a great way to step up in any industry, and it is no different in the field of nursing. Becoming a member of a nursing organization can give you a chance to attend members-only conferences, seminars, and events, which can broaden your knowledge and expose you to a wider network of nursing professionals. Joining an organization can also help keep you engaged and motivated in your role and push you to work more efficiently. Liaising with other nursing professionals can open up new work opportunities for you, leading to positive career changes and career advancement.

Get a Mentor

Mentorship describes a relationship in which an experienced professional, the mentor, provides advice, guidance, and direction to a less experienced individual, the mentee, in the hopes of furthering the mentee’s professional development. Seeking a mentor is great for nurses who would like an experienced and knowledgeable person to turn to for advice. They can help you make the right decisions in work and give you another perspective in difficult work scenarios. Nursing organizations are a great place for mentorship.

Alternatively, you can seek mentorship within your current place of work. When looking for someone to become your mentor, make sure you find someone who you respect and trust. You also need to be comfortable around this person so that you can speak to them about different types of work topics.