Jewelry is the shining factor in any look. Wearing jewelry is the best way to stand out and show off your style and personality. Whether it’s a formal event or casual gathering, you can look like a star when you wear the right pieces. The way you wear your jewelry is supposed to be uniquely yours.

However, there are general tips to ensure that the jewelry you choose complements and accentuates your outfit.

According to Occasion

There’s jewelry that you can wear in your everyday life, like a watch or a simple necklace. When you go to work, we advise you to pick something simple and not very distracting. But most of your jewelry is kept for special occasions. What you wear will surely differ from one occasion to another. If you’re going to a house party, you won’t wear the same jewelry as you will when going to a work conference.

If you’re going to a formal event, you can show off all you want and reveal your special pieces, but too much jewelry will look messy and at times, tacky. Try to stick to valuable and elegant pieces. The too-much-jewelry rule applies to parties too, or anywhere really. However, at a party, you can wear something distracting and eye-capturing if you’d like. Have fun with your jewelry, but remember to follow our other tips.

According to Color

Color plays a big role in choosing the perfect jewelry. By color, we mean the colors of your outfits and your skin tone. Let’s start with the color of your outfits. Some may advise you to use the color wheel to pick the color of your jewelry. It can either be in the same family as the color of your outfit or on the opposite side. For instance, if your dress is yellow, you can wear green jewelry. The gemstone moldavite in particular is very popular these days and boasts a beautiful olive green hue that is bound to go with almost any outfit. You can find online shops that sell moldavite straight from the Czech Republic, where it originates. You’ll find that rare gemstones such as this have vibrant clarity and colors that are bound to make your outfit pop. When it comes to skin tone, you can’t go wrong with colors like rose gold, silver, and clear-colored jewelry which fit all skin tones. If you have a cool skin tone, it’s best to go for red, purple, and blue. For warmer tones, go with yellow, green, and orange. Generally, when it comes to color, the main considerations are skin tone and the color of your outfit, but there are other considerations. For example, if you’re going to work, a formal event, or a religious ceremony, it’s best to go with neutral colors — nothing too bright.

According to Focal Point

Picking the centerpiece of your overall look isn’t as easy as it sounds. It can be one part of your outfit, an accessory, or jewelry. If a lot is going on with your outfit, like a busy print or bright colors, then you should wear jewelry that is small and subtle. The opposite applies too; if you want the jewelry to be the focal point, you should wear simple clothes. Either way, you don’t want one to overpower the other. You want to show that you can dress well and pick complementing jewelry for your outfit. Remember to have only one centerpiece in your look. It could be a big necklace or shiny earrings, but never the two together. Pair the big necklace with small earrings and rings or nothing at all. Less can be better when it comes to jewelry.

According to Body-Type

You want to wear jewelry that flatters your body and your build. Let’s talk about fingers. If you have short fingers that you want to seem longer, wear narrow rings. But if you have thin fingers, feel free to try big rings. Remember that the left hand is for a serious commitment like marriage, while the right hand is all yours to wear all sorts of rings on it. If you’re short, try not to wear very long jewelry and vice versa. If you’re tall, a small, short necklace may go unnoticed. If you have a broad build, you can wear bigger, chunkier jewelry as opposed to if you have a smaller frame.

No matter what your approach with jewelry is, you can always find pieces that make you unique and chic. The most general rule is to never go overboard, unless you’re going to the Met Gala. You can start by buying pieces that go well with your skin tone and body type in shape and color. Then wear those pieces with clothes that they look good with. Clothes and accessories, including jewelry, should complement one another and not necessarily match. Go with one bright color amid neutral colors, or with different complementary colors. Remember to stick with what you feel good and comfortable with.