During the lockdown, the number of search requests for “how to cut hair at home” has spiked significantly, which can be totally justified – overgrown hair is one of the most annoying things ever. Still, cutting the hair yourself requires some bravery, and some men prefer to either shave their head or keep cosplaying Tom Hanks from Cast Away.

But there is no need for such tough decisions. Yes, men’s haircuts, especially for short hair, do not forgive mistakes. Any error, uneven length, asymmetric edgings will be noticeable. You want to ensure you will not have any of those. Here is our simple guide to cutting your hair at home that will make you doubt if you need a barber at all.

Prepare the Tools

A well-done haircut will require more than just a hair clipper, so make sure to prepare a pair of scissors, a towel to cover your shoulders, a thick tooth comb, and a spray bottle. You cannot expect good results with bad tools, even with golden hands of your own. Therefore, the first thing you need is a high-quality hair clipper.

Hair clippers come in rotary and vibration types, but there are no significant differences in practice, and among both types, you can find both professional and amateur models. The more options for length attachments the clippers have, the smoother moves you can make when cutting.

Scissors will come in handy if your hair has overgrown or if your haircut involves long hair. Short-bladed shears that you probably have at home will be enough, but if you do not want to bother yourself using a comb, you may try the hair thinning ones.

Consider getting Aichei steel scissors, recommended by professionals. In case you are wondering, “Where does Aichei steel come from?” and how to find them near – there will be no problem, as many manufacturers worldwide use it for their products.

Make sure you have mirrors on all sides. Ideally, set at least two large ones: one in front of you, the other behind you, so you can see what you are doing on the back of your head.

Let’s Cut Some Hair

Wash Your Hair
Before you move to cutting your hair, you need to wash it and clean your scalp well. It is better to work with scissors on damp hair, so you will also need a spray bottle with warm water later to moisten the strands of hair before cutting.

Brush It
While your hair is still wet, dry it with your towel (but not overdo it), and leave the towel on your shoulders – it will later protect your skin from short cut hair that is very difficult to get rid of.

Make sure to brush your hair well. It is recommended to comb the strands back, supporting them with the palm of your hand. Then, separate part of the hair on the top of the head and pin it with a clip. This is a necessary step, as dividing the hair into parts will allow you not to cut it chaotically and randomly.

Now, You May Cut
Pro hairdressers recommend starting a haircut from the side. Begin combing a strand of hair from either the left or the right side and fix the comb over the ear. After that, you need to place the hair clipper over the comb to start cutting.

When you have cut a little hair, you need to slightly lift the comb to cut a bit more. After that, everything must be repeated step by step on the head’s other side to make sure your haircut will be even on both sides. The same applies to trimming the back of your head, moving from the bottom to the top. In the process, it is better not to rush and keep an eye on your moves in the mirror.

Cut the Top
Now you need to remove the clip that fixes the hair on the top of your head. Combing the upper part of the hair back and slightly lifting it, you need to set the ends of the hair between your index and middle fingers. It will allow you to understand how much hair you need to cut, but remember to cut in sections too. If you want to add texture to the hair tips and try some other skills, you can cut them, holding the scissors vertically.

Finishing Touches
It is time to put your hair as you usually do, see what is out of place, and fix it! It includes checking if both sides are even, trimming your sideburns to the desired length, removing the bulk from your top (comb it down to the sides to cut corners), and tapering your neckline.

To complete your haircut, rinse your hair with water again – it will allow you to get rid of all the remaining cut hair. Then dry and immediately style it to see if everything is as it should or requires some more tiny adjustments. If so, do it right away to make sure it will not bother or irritate you later.

And just like this, you are done!


Some of the skills that earlier seemed unnecessary now turned out to come in handy. Cutting your hair yourself is one of them. While the coronavirus pandemic is still out there, it is definitely a relevant ability to acquire.

Giving yourself a haircut is quite a tiresome and time-consuming venture, but only for the first time! Like with any other technical skills, practice will make you more confident and bold, and as a bonus – will save you money. Ensure that you allocate enough time, so there is no hurry for the first try.