If you want to make the most of any outfit, even outfits that are old and tired, then follow these tips and you’ll be a knockout!


Belts can add a great focal point to an outfit, and they are a great way to liven up even the drabbest of clothing! For example, if you are wearing an oversized shirt or dress, then use a belt to cinch the fabric in at the waist and give you an attractive silhouette.

A few good rules of thumb to think about when choosing a belt are:

  1. Make sure the belt you choose is in keeping with the tone of your outfit. For example, if your outfit is smart then choose a smart belt rather than a tatty one!
  2. Choose the right belt size for your body shape. If you have a larger body then choose a larger belt, and if you are very petite then choose a small belt.
  3. Use placement of a belt to draw attention to a body part. For example, if you want to draw attention to your hips then wear it low over your hips.


Heels make most outfits look better. They will make you appear taller, and they will give your calves a good shape. A low heel can also be good for your back in some cases, as they will force you to stand up straighter.

So, ditch the flats and try out a heel – you might be surprised at the difference it makes!


Smiling automatically makes us more attractive, but it only works if the smile is real. If you feel self-conscious about smiling then it’s worth getting whatever issue you are having addressed, as you will not only look better but you will feel happier and more confident too.

If you are have issues with your teeth, then visit your dentist and see how they can help you. For example, if you feel that your current smile is too ‘gummy,’ you could think about contouring your gum tissue to improve the look of your smile, or if you are concerned about discolored teeth then speak to your dentist about whitening. Your dentist should be able to help you with any oral issue at all even if it is cosmetic, so it’s always worth at least asking the question!


Getting up early to do your hair can seem like far too much effort. However, if you spend just five minutes coaxing your hair into a style then it can pull your whole outfit together and make you look great!


If your outfit is a little drab, then think about adding a splash of color with a scarf! Experiment with a small scarf knotted around your neck, a heavy scarf draped around your shoulders or sheer scarves for dressier occasions.


Jewelry is a wonderful way to add a touch of personality to an outfit. Try layering your rings to make your hands a focal point, or use a statement necklace to add some interest.