Becoming a trendsetter is not as hard as it seems, as everybody can do it. There are endless style possibilities and ways to make a statement, with some being more trendy than others. As technology continues to ramp up globally, social media is one of the more important elements that help define the current trends. There are many ways to bring these trends into your own wardrobe.

Study the Trends

The easiest way to become a trendsetter is to study current trends. Keeping up with fashion trends can be helpful because they change all the time, and keeping tabs will guide you in the right direction. The easiest way to study trends is to utilize different resource streams. You can choose to watch runway shows, look at fashion magazines, scroll through fashion websites, or draw inspiration from celebrity looks.

Another resource is trend forecasting websites. More often than not, established professionals in the fashion industry tend to run these websites. You can receive the most up-to-date information for many types of fashion, including womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, and haute couture.

Find Stylish Sunglasses

In terms of implementing actual fashion items, sunglasses will always take an outfit to the next level. There are many different styles and colors of sunglasses, but Gucci sunglasses for women are very trendy and hit the nail on the head for style. Gucci sunglasses come in frame shapes of round, cat-eye, aviator, browline, and square—with materials in metal or plastic.

Because Gucci is a high-end brand, their glasses are incredibly durable and come with stylish engravings and adjustable silicone nose pads for comfort. They also add necessary eye protection from the harsh UV rays. Sunglasses are an important item in any trendsetter’s closet.

Share Your Looks

The next step to refining your look and setting trends is to share your style online. Sharing fashion pictures on social media platforms like Instagram or sharing in-depth posts on a blog can be an excellent way to start a trend. Sharing looks on Instagram is a great idea because it’s a powerful and visually focused platform that allows you to create or join a community of other fashion lovers around the world.

You can even create lookbooks that are visually appealing and easy to digest for the viewer. If you choose to share your looks on a blog, this is another great alternative as you can delve a lot deeper into your style and discuss where you purchased everything and for how much. This can create a greater sense of community.

Go Vintage

If you’re getting into the fashion game and don’t know where to start, look no further than thrifting. Even if you’re a fashion pro and know all about trendsetting, going vintage and buying from a secondhand store is always an excellent idea. Going thrifting and looking for unique vintage pieces can help you stand out because you’ll most likely find items that no one else will have in their wardrobe. The best part about thrifting is that it’s cheap, good for the environment, and you can easily alter pieces to make them look even more unique.

Here are a few thrifting tips to get started:

  • Explore different locations
  • Create a plan for what you want
  • Get the timing right as some times of the year bring in more donations than others
  • Wear a basic outfit (think leggings and a tank top)
  • Know your budget

Think Outside the Box

If you want to become a trendsetter, start thinking outside the box. Get creative, look for inspiration and take risks. Most trendsetters take risks because you need to embrace new ideas and not be afraid of criticism.

Trendsetters will also elaborate already popular styles by altering the pieces completely or switching things up with unique patterns, colors, and accessories. Be open to doing things differently to start a trend, so you can stand out from the rest and get noticed. The most important thing is to be yourself and not cave to pressure from the outside world. Wear the outfits you want to wear and do it with confidence.

Set Trends with Confidence

Becoming a trendsetter is all about confidence, research, and community. Once you’ve found the styles you like, it’s easy to incorporate them into your everyday life. Then, you can share your style online to inspire others to be themselves and become the next big trendsetter.