Being eco-friendly is important as it allows the planet to reset itself, without contributing further to the pollution cycle. Therefore, living a greener lifestyle is a great idea, however, not all rules regarding such a lifestyle are suitable for all beginners. So if you’re new in this, then be sure to do your research regarding this topic, so you’ll be able to get used to it. However, when it comes to visiting beaches, parks and other public places, things are very clear: it’s important to be an eco-friendly visitor and act politely toward the surroundings. So, if you’ve been meaning to visit a beach, here are some eco-friendly tips to follow.

Always follow the rules

Most beaches have designated areas for eating, barbecuing and waste disposal, and they’re often marked by appropriate signs. It’s your duty to follow those signs and respect the rules imposed by beach authorities. Even if there aren’t any signs visible, you should do your best to act politely and be tidy: always collect your trash when leaving, and if you must smoke, never leave cigarette butts lying in the sand. Instead, use an empty bottle filled with some water to put out cigarettes and keeps butts in one place. This is due to the fact that cigarette butts are toxic and some places are already considering banning them in the future.

Don’t disturb the beach wildlife

Collecting shells is often the most fun way to spend time at the beach, aside from swimming and sunbathing, of course. However, shells are living creatures, and therefore, they shouldn’t be touched, moved or taken away from the beach. Removing them from the beach disrupts the natural harmony, because, to shells, the beach is their natural habitat. The same goes for the rest of beach wildlife: always be respectful, and never taunt living creatures you encounter along the way.

Know what you’re wearing

Fast fashion is responsible for a lot of pollution all over the globe, and that’s why turning to more eco-friendly brands is a great step toward living a green lifestyle. Also, going to the beach is a perfect chance to show off your tan, but it’s also important to opt for the best sustainable swimwear that you can find. There are many brands that make bathing suits out of recycled materials, and they also pay attention that they’re quality-made, so they’ll last you for a long time. Of course, if possible, make sure to use ethically-made sunglasses, a hat and beach footwear.

Use eco-friendly sunscreen

There’s no beach fun without some sunscreen, that’s just a fact. The harmful UVA and UVB lights are there even during the winter, let alone in the summer heat. However, choose a sunscreen that is free of dangerous chemicals, such as oxybenzone that damage coral reefs by speeding the coral bleaching process. Being aware of the ingredients in your sunscreen will be of great help.

Always clean up at the end of your stay

Some beachgoers can be notoriously untidy, and that’s definitely wrong. So, if you want to be an eco-friendly beach-goer, then you must clean up after every visit. If there are no bins around, make sure to bring plastic bin bags, so you’ll be able to collect all your waste and dispose of it in another designated area nearby. Plus, picking up your trash before leaving prevents beach animals from getting sick.


Since the environment is already in an unfavourable condition, each person should their best to live a more ethically-conscious lifestyle. Beaches, along with their coasts, are often most sensitive to pollution, which is why it’s important to be mindful and careful during each beach visit.