As soon as your baby is born, moms can do a wide range of different things in order to make the process of breastfeeding a successful one.

Staying together post birth

By keeping your newly born baby with you, it will encourage the feeling of closeness between you and them, thus promoting a strong hormonal response. This should help to make the process of breastfeeding a success. This should be done even after a cesarean operation – only if medical professionals allow for it.

Feeding on demand or need

During the process of establishing your breastfeeding, your newborn baby will require feeding somewhere between 7 – 12 times each and every day. Although this may seem like a lot, do not worry as this will settle over time. If this does begin to take a lot out of you, then you may want to turn to using some Breastfeeding Supplements. It is important to know though that effective and frequent feeding will ensure that you produce enough milk.

Getting the attachment and position correct

Learning to breastfeed should be done during the first few days following the birth of your child. Your breasts start off being soft during the first couple of days after birth, and then the milk inside of them becomes much more nutritious with colostrum forming, making them firm and full. If this does not happen, then there are ways to increase your milk supply. Read How to Increase Milk Supply here. It is during this period that you should work on getting the position and attachment right during the breastfeeding process. This is vital for avoiding problems with it in the future.

Being patient

The process of breastfeeding your child is one that is actually skill and so is something that both of you need to learn and eventually master. This means that some of you will find it harder than others to get to grips with. Because of this, it is important that you remain patient throughout the learning process. If it is ever the case that you find yourself getting frustrated then take a moment and try again some time later. There is always the option to express for this feed and then try with your breast during the next session.

Keeping them in the same room

There are actually numerous benefits to keeping your baby in the same room as you, whether that be in the hospital or once you are back home. One of these is that it reduces the chance of childhood death occurring, as well as promoting breastfeeding. This is because it lets you be able to recognise exactly when your newborn baby is hungry, in need of a cuddle, or if they are tired. Possessing this knowledge will make it much easier for you to know exactly when your baby is wanting to be fed. Something else that is important is that you provide your baby with a safe environment to sleep in each and every night.