The influencer market has become a phenomenon over the last few years that nobody saw coming. If you have more than a few thousand followers on social media then it is very possible to monetize this following and even make a full time living out of it. Of course, it is not easy otherwise everybody would be doing it, however, if you have a niche or a particular interest in one subject that you have become well known for talking about, then brands might be interested in your following to promote their goods and they will pay you handsomely for it. So, how do I break into this market? Well, if you follow these four easy steps you will be well on your way to becoming an influencer.

Find a niche

Finding a niche is never easy. It should be something that you are genuinely interested in that you are prepared to write and make content about on a near-daily basis. You should also have some form of expertise to lend credence to your opinions and posts. Maybe you worked in the industry and are looking for an out, or your chosen niche is actually your hobby that you think you could make a living out of? You don’t need to limit yourself to one interest, but on the other hand, you can’t spread yourself too thinly or you will give the impression you are not an expert in anything. Find one good niche or two to three related subjects that you are happy to talk about and you will have mastered the first step in becoming an influencer.

Optimize Your Profiles

It is important to have a presence on several different social media platforms as they all cater to a different audience, however, don’t spread your self too thinly, three or four is the most you need. You may be thinking that this is a near-impossible task as you will have no time left to actually create content, however, experts from recommend that you use a program that will allow one post to appear on all of your platforms, thus saving time and freeing up your creative mind.

You will also need to think about creating an engaging biography and cover picture. These are very important when it comes to creating and then maintaining a brand, so choose wisely. The biography should outline your interests and what qualifies you to write about a particular subject in an engaging manner, and your profile picture should show you in the best possible light.

Know Your Audience

Knowing who your audience is, is incredibly important otherwise you have no idea who you are targeting. Your end goal is to create a loyal subscriber base who come back and digest every one of your posts. Use analytical tools to your advantage and discover the demographics of those that are already following you, such as gender, ages, interests, and locations.

The more you understand your audience the more that you can engage them by promoting content that they not only want but will also enjoy. There is no point trying to promote the latest wrap for your gleaming new car if your audience is made up of city-dwelling cyclists. Maybe there are other influencers in your field, if so use them, if they are successful find out who they are targeting as this should be your audience too.

Regular And Consistent Posting

Once you have worked out your niche, your profiles and you know who your audience is, it is time to develop a posting strategy. Post too often and you will flood your followers and they will quickly get bored, but if you don’t post enough it will seem like you don’t have enough expertise on the subject. You do need to post enough, however, to be picked up by the algorithms on your chosen site. The time of day you post is also important. Nobody is reading anything in the middle of the night, whereas around noon on Thursdays and Fridays you will have your peak audience making plans for the weekend. Be consistent on the days you post too, so that your followers will know when to expect your latest missive.

As we have discovered becoming an influencer needn’t be an impossible challenge if you already hold and interest or expertise in a subject and follow these simple steps. Finding a niche and then your audience is key and you then need to work to engage with them by posting regularly and consistently. Remember, nothing comes quickly, so keep at it, and with time you will increase your following and can work towards the independent lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.