Planning an event is one thing, and promoting it is another. The second task is just as important because how you promote your event can make or break its success. All the effort you put into planning the event will go down the drain if you don’t promote it properly and consistently.

One of the easiest ways to promote your event is to book a celebrity. Celebrities have a strong following online and offline and them talking about a specific event is enough to grab the attention of the general public. Their followers might even market your event to their own family and friends, meaning you can utilize additional marketing for free.

To ensure the success of your next event, work with a celebrity to promote it. Here’s how you can book them to promote your event:

1. Think about Your Budget

Working with a celebrity will entail cost. Depending on whom you want to promote your event, you might have to spend a few thousand or even millions of dollars.

Deciding how much you’re going to spend is crucial when booking a celebrity to promote your event, especially if you’re running a business. Spending millions for a single event, even when your business is still small, can adversely affect other areas of your business. In worse cases, this might even put a halt to your business’s operations.

Look at your full budget and assess how much you can spend for a celebrity. Ideally, the celebrity you choose to work with should suit your budget. Avoid making (unnecessary) adjustments to your budget just to afford a celebrity, as this can snowball into bigger problems.

2. Familiarize the Event

One of the most common mistakes people make when working with a celebrity is they become too focused on the idea of having a celebrity that they fail to familiarize the event. Sure, you might want a celebrity to promote an upcoming concert, but when and where is the concert taking place? Are tickets sold on the day of the event, or should people secure theirs in advance?

Before you reach out to the celebrity’s representative, familiarize the event first. You should know the event like the back of your hand, so you can easily answer any questions the celebrity might have. This will also help representatives communicate to their clients about your offer.

3. Know the Celebrity’s Representative

The third step to booking a celebrity is knowing and reaching out to their representative. One of the easiest ways to connect with a celebrity’s representative is by using Booking Agent Info. It’s like a celebrity booking agency that allows you to search and gain access to the contact info of celebrities’ representatives.

Representatives will also be your first point of contact when working with a celebrity. They are responsible for providing work to their clients (which in this case is the celebrity) and making sure that their clients have consistent work. They’re also in charge of the business side of things, namely negotiating contracts and determining whether a specific gig is apt for the client’s image.

4. Be Concise

Celebrity representatives have their hands full because they receive countless requests every day. This is especially true for representatives who work with popular and rising celebrities. With this in mind, you need to brief with your request of having their client promote your event. Make sure to provide all the important details of the event.

Being concise when speaking with a representative is important. Providing vague details about the event is enough reason for representatives to turn down your offer. On the other side of the coin, sharing with them unnecessary information can become the reason you’ll lose the opportunity to work with them.

If you’re going to reach the representative via email, aim to create one that requires less than a minute to read. Longer emails are often deleted or pushed aside by representatives.

5. Discuss What Arrangement Will You Cover

Many celebrities have different requirements when promoting events. Some will require at least business-class plane tickets, accommodation in five-star hotels, or even certain types of food. When booking a celebrity, keep in mind that you will not only pay for one; they usually travel with an entire team who will help with their hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

Sit down with the representative, ask what the celebrity’s requirements are, and what you’re going to cover. Be as clear as possible to minimize conflicts along the way. If you’re only going to pay for accommodation in a three-star hotel and business class plane tickets, inform the representative as early as possible.

6. Prepare the Contract and Make a Deposit

After finalizing the details of the event and the things you want the celebrity to do, talk to the celebrity’s representative and prepare the contract. As soon as you get the verbal approval of the representative, send the contract ASAP. As mentioned earlier, celebrities have tight schedules, and delays in the contract can mean losing the opportunity of working with them.

Once you have the contract prepared, make a deposit immediately. Generally, representatives will require at least a 50% deposit to secure the date of the event and another 50% on the date of the event. Representatives will ask for more upfront in some instances, depending on the type of event, so be prepared.

Knowledge is Power

As presented in this article, booking a celebrity to promote your event is very doable. As long as you follow all of the tips mentioned here, you can finally work with a celebrity. Just remain patient throughout the entire process, so you can navigate through roadblocks!