Did you know that frequent headaches and neck pain are signs that your bra doesn’t fit properly?

Our breasts do not have the needed muscles to support themselves. When they don’t have the proper support from a well-fitting bra, breasts sag and place extra strain on neck and back muscles. This contributes to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and even headaches.

An ill-fitting bra can also cause rashes, chafing, and poor posture.

And while many women know about the health problems associated with ill-fitting bras, they still walk around in bras that don’t fit properly.

Finding the right bra can be challenging. Our breasts and bodies change over time, so a bra that worked last year might no longer be the right bra for your body. Many women end up settling for a bra that mostly fits and just deal with any aches and pains that occur.

You shouldn’t have to deal with those aches and pains though. If you’re tired of sagging breasts making you uncomfortable, use the following advice to find a bra that fits perfectly.

Read online reviews

One of the first steps to finding a good bra is to figure out what brands are (or aren’t) working for other women. If you have a general idea of what your bra size is, you can look for online reviews on sites such as Bra-Di-Da.

By using a review site, you can look up certain brands, sizes, or types to find reviews of specific bras. This can help you learn about how other women felt about a particular bra.

This process can help you determine what bras to look for in the store. You’ll still want to try them on, of course, because what is comfortable for someone else might not necessarily be comfortable for you.

Get measured professionally

You should get a professional fitting every six months. As mentioned above, our breasts and bodies change over time. Even subtle changes to your weight can alter what your bra size is.

While you can measure your own bra size at home, you’ll likely get a more accurate sizing from a professional. Any retail stores that sell bras should have someone on staff that is trained in bra fitting. However, the staff at a specialty bra store will have more experience.

If you’re uncomfortable about the fitting, don’t be. They won’t ask you to undress completely, but they will ask you to remove your top so that they can get a proper measurement. After they have the measurements, they’ll even help you select some bras.

Try on many different bras

As tempting as it might be to buy the first bra that feels mildly comfortable, you’re going to want to try on a range of bras to find the one that fits best. Make sure to grab a variety of styles and brands.

Trying on bras can be uncomfortable. It can feel embarrassing when one doesn’t fit correctly or when you need to keep coming out of the dressing room to grab a different size. Remember, however, that this is something every female has to do regularly. A little discomfort now will save you from relieving back pain later on.

Once you have several bras you’re considering, you’re going to want to find the one that fits you the best. Keep reading to learn more about what a properly-fitting bra looks like.

Know what a properly-fitting bra looks likes

Just because a bra feels comfortable doesn’t mean it fits properly. You want a bra that is both comfortable and supportive, no matter if you’re using it for sports, work, or a date night.

A bra that is too small may cause your breasts to pop over, under, or out the sides of the bra. It may also force your breasts to press tightly together. Both breasts should fit comfortably in their own cup. If there is a gap between the cup and your breast, then the bra is too big.

A properly-fitting bra will fit snug against your body. The straps shouldn’t cut into your skin. There should be a slight give to the band, but it shouldn’t pull away from your body completely. If the bra seems to fit on one side but not the other, use a push-up pad for the smaller breast.

Final thoughts

If you can’t wait to take your bra off at the end of the day because of how uncomfortable your bras are, your bra doesn’t fit properly! A properly-fitting bra is both comfortable and supportive. If your bra fits properly, you shouldn’t even know it is there.