As we go through our lives, something that applies to everyone without a doubt is that you’re going to come across a platitude of people. Some good and some bad, but there will always be a whole bunch of them that you will hold dear to your heart. And these people will have occasions in their lives- weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. To express how much they mean to you, there’s no better way to say than with a gift. And if you have a hard time picking out gifts for your loved one, it’s time to stop worrying because this short but effective guide will give you all the tools you need to be able to pick the perfect gift for someone that means the world to you.

A Symbol From the Past

It doesn’t matter if you’ve known this person for 15 or 1 year- there is always going to be something that symbolizes your relationship. You can also go down the route of getting them something that is a symbol from their past. Have conversations that delve into their childhoods and memories that bring a smile to their face, and accordingly, you’ll be able to get the perfect gift that evokes these wonderful memories. It can be anything from a framed image to a food that they remember.

Tap Into Their Hobbies & Obsessions

You should already know enough about their personality to know what their favorite hobbies are. If they’re into sports then you can get all kinds of memorabilia related to this sport, or you can get them tickets to their favorite team’s game! If your favorite person is obsessive about collecting something or a certain show, then look into what kind of gear you can get them that has value. The blogs on Selling My Kidney give you insight and ideas as to what you can get a person with different interests and obsessions, no matter how weird they might seem. It’s important to do the research, especially if this is something that you’re not familiar with at all.

What Are Their Needs?

Something that can really move the person you love is getting them something that you know they need, but have never mentioned before. If you know this person well enough, you’ll know a little bit about the things they desire or the things they need in their lives but perhaps cannot afford it at the moment. This will certainly pull at their heartstrings, and it won’t feel like charity because you’re gifting them for a special occasion.

Expose Them to Something New

Instead of playing it safe and getting them something you know they already love, why not take it into another direction altogether? Allow them to try something new and exciting. Think about taking classes in something they haven’t tried before, like a fitness class or dancing, or even some form of arts and crafts. If you can afford it, or if you can get a couple of friends to pitch in, try to get your loved one an opportunity to travel to a place that they have never been to before.

Find Out If They Have a Physical Problem

This may sound a bit weird off the bat, but it’s actually so convenient when it comes to buying a gift that means something. If your loved one is suffering from any kind of aches and pains, you can get them something to help alleviate that pain. For instance, if they suffer from back pains, you can get them a massager to use at home. An aromatherapy set will work wonders to help them with their stress. Get them coupons for a spa weekend getaway to melt all the worries of adulthood altogether!

For so many of us, just the thought of having to buy anyone a gift is stress-inducing. But take it up a notch and put a loved one into the mix, it is beyond super stressful! You want to make sure that whatever you get them is meaningful and touches them and makes them smile, otherwise you might as well just get a card and call it a day. This is why if you work with the tips provided here, you’ll find that buying someone special something special will become a much easier task. Breaking down who they are and what they love or what they might need makes the endeavor that much easier and effective, and soon you’ll be known for being that person who always gets the perfect gift!