Fishing is a wonderful activity. It is amazing because it helps us slow down and look at life in a different way. When you go fishing you are stepping into a whole different world. It is calm, peaceful, and wonderful. Sure, you might still be present on this planet and in your hometown or somewhere close by but still you are in the world of fishing.

A place where you are not in a rush and where you simply exist.

But of course, fishing requires a bit of work as well. It is not necessarily about the work you are doing while fishing but rather the work you do beforehand.

Every activity necessitates the use of tools, and fishing is no exception. If your gear is unclean, damaged, or mishandled, it will be unable to perform its function properly, making you disappointed and fishless. It is critical to keep it up.

You must take care of your equipment for it to take care of you.

Clean the Reel

Here are the steps to clean the reel!

  • To avoid water contaminating the drag stacks, adjust the drag on the reel and softly swab with lukewarm, water and soap. Immersing the reel in water or washing it under increased pressure might allow water to enter the gears and drag systems, causing further damage.
  • Thoroughly rinse the reel with clean water and wipe with a dry towel.
  • Wiping the line clean is also a great idea. You may remove the spool and wash it separately under fresh, flowing water to eliminate any salt or dirt from beneath the spool and the top of the reel rotors if you choose.
  • Finally, spray some lubricating protectant into a clean cloth and rub over the reel, taking care not to touch the line as some agents might cause it to degrade.

Next, the Spool

Do not forget the spool.

  • Remove the spool from the reel by undoing the drag knob.
  • Cleanse the spool’s bottom.
  • Before reinstalling the spool and drag knob, lightly lubricate the main shaft.
  • When the reel is not in use, the drag knob must be freely allowed to keep strain off the drag washers.
  • Utilizing high-grade reel oil or comparable, lightly oil the grip knobs, line rollers, bail arm springs, and folding handles, then brush off any surplus.

Clean The Rod

The sturdy rod is important to take care of as well.

  • Wash the rod well with clean water, taking careful attention to the guides.
  • Wash the grips with care. To remove stubborn grime, use warm, soapy water.
  • To avoid corrosion, use mild reel grease on rod guides.
  • Examine all guides for deterioration and remove any that are damaged right away.
  • Damaged or broken guides may cause the fishing line to collapse, so properly inspect them.

Have Fun Fishing

It’s critical to understand the proper approach to maintain your fishing rod in order to get the most out of your most vital instrument. You should now have all of the information you need to maintain your rod and reel clean and perform at peak efficiency throughout the season.