We live in an age where many of us are absolutely obsessed with our image. It is perfectly fine to care about your image, but it is also important to have self-confidence and be comfortable in your own skin. We are who we are and we have to live with ourselves, no matter how we look. Be confident in yourself – you are beautiful however you are. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with beautifying ourselves and perfecting our appearance. This page will hope to tell you how you can dress to flatter your body type, whatever your body type may be.


When dressing to flatter your body type, the first thing you will want to think about is the height. Unfortunately, the height can be very problematic, as many clothing companies will not make big and tall sizes, and sizes for short people. If you are quite short, or tall, you may need to go to an independent clothier who offers clothes in your size, or, if your budget allows, to a bespoke tailor, who can tailor your clothes to your size. Here is how to dress for your height:

Short Men

Buying clothes to flatter yourself when you are short can be difficult. When you are short, it is best not to wear baggy clothes, as it can make you look frumpy. Slim clothing can be the best option. Now, whether you browse Nimble Made’s options for short men, or you look at an alternative retailer, you must find one that offers you slim, tailored fit clothing. If your clothes are baggy, you can look like you are drowning in them. It’s always important to go slim and tailored when you are short, no matter your weight. Wear black, also.

Tall Men

Tall men, especially those who are very tall, should wear clothing that is slightly loose. The theory behind this is that those who are very tall can often appear lanky unless they are large and muscular. If you are skinny, wearing clothing that is a bit looser and layering up can give you the appearance of being big and strong. If you are slightly larger, this may not be necessary, and you need only buy clothes from special clothiers who offer clothes to men of all sizes. Tall men are very easy to dress if they can find the clothes.

Weight Types

People come in all shapes and sizes. It is very easy to dress for slim and regularly-sized people but can be more difficult for larger, obese people. It is always recommended that people who weigh a lot more than what is considered to be a regular weight is to wear black and wear as few layers as possible. If you buy bespoke, a bespoke tailor will cut your clothes so that you appear skinnier. If you are skinny, you should not wear baggy clothes, as it can exaggerate your weight and make you appear a lot skinnier than you really are.

Now, with the help of this page, you know all that there is for you to know about dressing for your size and height. Be comfortable in your body, no matter what. You are who you are – embrace it and love yourself.