Graphic tees are more important than ever, but you can make them just as stylish as the most popular blouse of the season. Graphic tees can help us express ourselves in a ton of ways, including bringing attention to important issues and causes we stand for. So why not dress them up a little?

According to a Blackmerch, a brand that manufactures Black pride tees, here are some ways you can wear your favorite graphic tees with a classy twist.

Pair with a Bright Statement Skirt

Statement skirts can get a little wild, but a graphic tee can be the perfect accessory to tone them down a bit. Your brightly-colored pattern skits will look great with a graphic tee tucked in. For extra flair, you can add a colorful blazer or jacket over the tee – make sure the color coordinates with the skirt.

You can also use this style with patterned leggings or any brightly-colored pants or bottoms. A loose-flowing skirt pulls the look together, but it’s a versatile style! Add some boots or black heels for the best effect.

Wear with Suit Pants

Graphic tees are usually paired with jeans. While there’s nothing wrong with that, there is something to be said about pairing a graphic tee with a pair of loose suit pants, especially ones in neutral colors. Beige or khakis really make colorful graphics pop, so make sure to coordinate colors.

You can pair this style with brightly-colored sandals and a bright, matching bag. A mini bag goes great with this outfit, but you can choose a large tote if you’re on your way to work.

Go with Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are all the rage these days, and they provide a classier look than cutoff jeans. This is especially true when it comes to graphic tees, which require a bit of structure to look their best. To accomplish this comfortable, classic look, go with a pair of dark bike shorts – the kind that falls just short of your knees are best.

Wear some large, active sneakers in colorful combinations and carry a big bag. Make sure that the message on your graphic tee is visible. Throw on a light blazer if it’s closer to fall for a classy touch. As long as your shirt can still be read, it’s an absolute win.

With a Pantsuit

Pantsuits – particularly pantsuits with patterns – can look a little stuffy and inaccessible. Adding a graphic tee is the perfect remedy for this. A graphic tee can make an uptight pantsuit feel more grounded. Wear the graphic tee under the suit jacket, tucked into the pants. Make sure that your message is still visible!

Pair the suit with an oversized tote bag and ankle boots to really take the look to the next level. Those old pantsuits will be revived in no time!

Night Out Styles

Graphic tees might not be your first choice for a night out, but you can easily incorporate them into your night-out styles. Pair your boldest graphic tees with a plain mini skirt and some basic platform heels. You can choose bolder boots if you like. Knee-highs will look great with this style! Whatever you do, choosing a black mini skirt will really make your t-shirt pop.

To add another layer to the look, tie the t-shirt up and to the side. You’ll love the unique silhouette that this simple step creates.

With a Midi Wrap Skirt

Midi skirts are popular right now, and midi wrap skirts are one of the best options to pair with your graphic tees. Choose a skirt with bright colors or an intense pattern, and pair it with a simple graphic tee. Make sure to tuck the tee in and throw some simple outerwear over the ensemble. For this outfit, leather jackets, windbreakers, or rain jackets may work best.

Top it off with boots that don’t quite meet the bottom hem of your skirt. You’ll be turning heads in no time!


Graphic tees are back in fashion. Tees with important messages are even more important than ever, but you can dress them up with these tips! All of your tees can be proudly displayed with these classy styles. Anything you stand for will be emphasized when you style your graphic tees with these tips!