It wouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that about 80% of Americans suffer from backaches or back-related issues. Whether it’s due to an accident or because of natural causes, injury can always occur during activities that involve straining the back muscles, like weightlifting, gardening, cleaning, and so on.

Since back problems can be immeasurably painful, there should be some methods with which you can solve these problems. In this guide, we provide you with some of the easiest methods to do so.

Good Posture

Sometimes, it’s hard to maintain a good posture at all times. Either we become forgetful and just slouch while sitting for hours on end in front of our desk, or our backs feel strained from too much effort at the gym. However, poor posture can actually put much more strain on your back, making it flare up with pain at the slightest movement. Adding to that, the daily strain of simple activities like lifting something off the floor or heavy lifting can really make the pain unbearable. That’s why you must keep your back straight to maintain the natural curve of your spine and keep the pressure off your back.

Inversion Tables

A lot of people in recent years have reported feeling less pain when using equipment like inversion tables. These tables are great for anyone who has been suffering from back problems and improves the blood flow to your body. An inversion table works on alleviating pain by allowing the spine of the user to increase space between spinal discs, which will also allow blood to reach your extremities more easily and without the usual strain on your back. By being suspended upside down, your spine will be able to stretch more than it usually could, so make sure that you use it for as long as you need until the pain is relieved.

Improve Flexibility

In most cases, back pains are caused by tension or the clenching of muscles, which will lead to tightening muscles for longer periods. If you use stretching techniques, such as the ones a yoga instructor will teach you, you’ll be able to relieve your back pain. Flexibility works on distributing the equal load on all parts of your body, so no part will feel strained, especially not your back.

You can start your flexibility exercises with stretching one leg and placing the other on the floor while sitting on the edge of the bed, then you can start leaning forward, but keep you back straight as you do so.

Relaxation Techniques

Another method with which you can help your tensed muscles relax is via relaxation methods. There is an array of relaxation techniques that don’t involve effort, like yoga, deep breathing, and tai chi. This will also help ease the pain in your back. It should be noted that any relaxation activity or technique that you like will also help in relieving this pain.

With that said, you can now use these methods to help your back muscles ease the pain and help you increase your range of motion. Make sure, though, that this pain is caused by tense muscles and not spinal or other medical issues. If so, you must consult your doctor immediately for treatment.

Back pain usually begins as nothing more than a small, annoying feeling that you get every now and again. But the longer you leave it untreated and the longer you stick to unhealthy habits, the worse the pain will become. If left untreated, certain back pain can even lead to the necessity of surgery and unbearable pain. This is why you need to take action immediately and stick to the point mentioned here.