Everyone wants to look special on their big day no matter their size. However, unfortunately, many standard wedding dress boutiques do not carry all sizes. Another unfortunate reality is that even if stores do make larger dress sizes, they often do not stock them on the floor for customers to easily try on.

If you are a bride-to-be who is not barbie-thin, then you may want to check out some of the suitable options below so that you can find the perfect dress without breaking the bank.

1- Online Stores

Many online stores have more extensive selections than those with a physical location. As a result, you will be much more likely to find precisely what you are looking for. These stores often take out the hassle of needing to try a dress on in person. Many of them feature convenient return policies if the dress does not fit. If you need an acceptable website to begin your search, consider looking at Madame Bridal plus size gowns. This site features dress sizes up to a 32 and may be one of the least expensive options on this list.

2- Specialized Boutiques

While this option may not exist in your area, throughout the world, many boutiques specialize exclusively in plus-size gowns. Many of these companies were founded by plus-sized women who wanted to serve people like themselves. Baltimore and Chicago are home to two of the most famous plus-sized boutiques. Unfortunately, these stores are still few and far between, but their popularity is growing. If you don’t live in a big city, then you will probably have to go with one of the other choices on this list.

3- Custom-Made

This choice is likely one of the more expensive on the list. However, you are also more likely to be satisfied with the result. The dressmakers will design it to your exact specifications. The price will correlate to the design and materials you desire. If you want something simple, then this may not be as expensive as you may think. If you really want to feel special on your big day, then this is an option you should look into.

4- Larger Retailers

Large chain retailers such as David’s Bridal tend to have more options than smaller stores. While David’s Bridal certainly is not your only option, you will have more luck if you search for stores that have multiple locations. If you are in New York, Kleinfeld’s features over 90 plus-size samples in stock. Browsing these collections will also help you to discern which styles, colors, and materials complement you best. Even if you don’t want to purchase from one of these stores, it still may be worth your time to visit them.

5- Look at Specific Designers

Some designers make it a point to ensure that their work is available to all members of the public. For example, Alfred Angelo dresses come in sizes up to a 26W at no extra charge. Some other options you may want to consider are Watters and Wtoo, Mori Lee, and Roz la Klein. Hopefully, the list of designers who create for plus-sized women will increase in the future.

You deserve to feel like one in a million on your wedding day regardless of whether you are a size 2 or 32. While finding a plus-sized wedding dress may not be easy, with a little luck and ingenuity, you will be sure to find something that makes your heart soar. Hopefully, these suggestions will give you the information you need to get on the path to walking down the aisle in style.